Nightlife Marketing: Top 6 Best Strategies and Tips

nightlife marketing

Nightlife Marketing

Nightlife is an important aspect of a city. Tourists and even locals tend to enjoy this part which is why it is necessary to focus on nightlife marketing for clubs and bars. Regardless of how beautiful and alluring a building is, if it is not marketed properly, people won’t go there. Similar to other businesses, nightlife can also be marketed using strategies such as text message marketing, social media, email marketing, and event marketing. It is the way that nightlife is promoted that attracts customers to it.

Express text 

Text message marketing is a strong way to communicate with clients and promote nightlife while being light on the pocket. A text blast can be sent to a large number of people at the same time and provide them with information about a nightlife event. This method of marketing not only advertises the nightlife itself but also can help in marketing other methods. SMS marketing with Express Text is the best way to update customers about a special event at the club or a change in any event happening. People tend to look at their mobile phones about 150 times a day which makes texting an attractive method to grab their attention. With a nightclub or bar, the aim is to make customers feel like insiders in a short amount of time and this is what text message marketing helps to achieve. For example, adding contacts of frequent visitors and texting them about an exclusive concert at the club makes them feel special.

Birthday reminder and text to join

Apart from simply inviting customers to the club, express text SMS marketing includes other features as well. To give the customers the VIP feeling of being part of a nightclub, their information could be kept updated. On a customer’s birthday, they could be sent a text message inviting them for free drinks on the house for that day. Moreover, nightlife marketing also includes subscriptions. To increase customer loyalty, a text blast could be sent to frequent visitors. A nightclub could also grow an existing list of subscribers or build a new one by using text to join. Example a nightclub or promoter can promote on their social media channels for clubbers to text the word ‘nightclub’ to a short code number like 545454 to be added on the VIP discount list. Furthermore, Express text could be used to get customer feedback after an event at a club. After customer feedback or query, an automated response can be sent to assure them that their problem is being solved.

Social media marketing

With the internet taking over every aspect of life, using social media is one of the best ways to get the attention of potential customers. While text message marketing might be cheaper, using social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram to promote a nightclub costs approximately $20. For promoting a nightclub or bar on platforms like this, it is important to create graphics and colorful content which catches the eye of people scrolling down the page instantly. The most important part is to create a Facebook page where posts are updated regularly. A nightclub or bar could put out their uniqueness with the help of these posts. With strong competition in the nightlife market, social media marketing helps in communicating with followers without direct contact. A club could post about a costume party on their social media page where winners would get to become VIP members of the club and or even get a cash prize.

Posters and flyers

Nightlife marketing is done best by putting the message out there. With people mostly going to clubs on weekend nights and exclusive parties, flyers and posters help in getting their attention. Rather than keeping regular and boring posters, add a touch of technology to the posters for a nightclub. Using QR codes on posters can really help to promote a club as people will scan it immediately especially if there are benefits involved. A bar can hang posters with QR codes printed on them and allow people to avail free drinks or discounts. Flyers also work like posters but a marketing team is involved in handing out flyers to passersby’s. Getting hands on an enthusiastic team can really lift the marketing campaign.

Radio announcements

Even though many consider radio as an old-school medium it is one of the best ways to get a message out to the public. Many people still tend to listen to radio especially for specific morning or evening shows. One way to market nightlife would be to publicize it through a popular radio show. A nightclub while asking a radio show to promote it could also announce free giveaways to listeners who could call on the show and tell why they enjoyed clubbing.

Events and contests

Event marketing is another way to promote nightlife. Holding exclusive concerts and shows at the club while inviting frequent customers by sending a text, email or facebook invite could boost the reputation of the nightclub in the market. Moreover, with limited seats available for such exclusive events, the club could sell tickets using sites like Eventbrite, ticketon, and tickeri. Furthermore, events show that the nightclub is really into expanding itself while maintaining customer loyalty. Which is why events held at a club or bar should be made fun for people attending them. adding small contests or singing competitions is a great way of event marketing for nightlife. A small singing contest could be held at the exclusive concert where winners could get prizes or VIP membership of the club at a discounted price.


Marketing for any business, be it a restaurant or the nightlife can be tough. However, adopting unique methods to market a nightclub or a bar could really improve the image of it. Customers seek out the best in the competitive market when it comes to nightlife, which is why it is necessary to adopt the marketing strategies listed above. Any nightclub or bar wishes to expand its customers and increase their loyalty which can be achieved with express text in the best way possible. Making them feel like a VIP and an exclusive member through regular updates is what should be done. Moreover, apart from the tips above for nightlife marketing, direct interaction with the customers really helps in promoting the club.

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