Top 6 Salon Marketing Strategies 

salon marketing strategies

Salon marketing strategies

When running a salon, strong marketing strategies are the key to make the business successful. With a number of competitors in the market, it is necessary for a salon to be set apart from others. Clients are always attracted to a salon which stands out amongst the others. Salon marketing strategies should be planned out before initiating the business and different marketing methods should be tried and tested before launching a salon. A successful business is one because of its sales and number of clients which can be achieved through the right marketing technique to gain attention from the target audience. Salon marketing can be done through a number of methods such as text message marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and even word of mouth.


Text message marketing

Text message marketing is one of the main salon marketing strategies which can be used to maintain contact with clients, build a list using text to join and keep them updated about new offers available. In the case of a salon, your target market would be women mostly, therefore, building a list of women between a certain age range would be ideal. A salon owner can build a list by setting up a keyword like SALON on any SMS marketing platform and after they can tell customers to text the word SALON to a shortcode like 545454 to join a VIP DISCOUNT list. Once the customer’s text in they will automatically receive a text response with a discount to thank them for joining and they will also be added to the salon’s list to receive future text message updates. Once the target audience has been identified it is easier to send mass text messages. Most marketing done through this method is to update clients about new products and services available or to announce new deals. A salon can send mass text messages to both old and new clients about a discount offer available to working ladies only.


Social media

Salon marketing is best done with the help of social media as a strong platform. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are one way to raise awareness about a salon. A Facebook page created for a salon can gain attention from a number of audiences and future customers. Using this method helps in creating direct contact with a larger audience through regular posts and feedback on the page. A salon with a Facebook page can post mini quizzes and trivia regarding health and beauty where followers can answer to win a free facial or haircut. Moreover, social media such as Facebook is the best way to get regular feedback and rating from clients about the products and services provided.


Create a website

Another important salon marketing method is to create a website for the salon and to update it on a regular basis. With people using the internet these days it is easier to market the business with an attractive website. Such a method not only shows that the salon is up to date with technology but also allows the salon to keep clients posted about recent news and events. An important part while creating a website is to add a live question answer forum for the clients who can contact the customer representatives quickly with its help. For a salon, a website can add the special feature of a personal calendar for the clients where they can schedule their appointments at a specific time.


Word of mouth and loyalty programs

Salon marketing strategies aimed at increasing sales and number of clients in a short span of time. Referrals and marketing through word of mouth can be used to achieve this goal. Whenever a client visits a salon, they should be offered with a discount if they refer it to other people. A nail bar can announce a referral discount to people who refer as well as to those who are referred to the salon to gain attention. This method not only provides free advertising for a salon but also increases the number of visitors to it. A loyalty program is a similar way to show the clients that they are cared for. After a client has visited 5 times, a salon can give them a loyalty card where each visit could add bonus points. These points could, later on, be used to buy a service from the salon while showing the client that each visit matters.


Email marketing

Even in the fast-paced world of technology, email is not dead. Email marketing is a consistent way of keeping in touch with old clients and keeping them posted about new additions. Moreover, if a salon is looking for a more personalized marketing experience, emails can easily be given a personal touch. Email is a medium which majority of the users check every day along with social media accounts. A salon can send a monthly E-newsletter through emails to old clients to give them a quick update about activities happening. Furthermore, an email can also lead to marketing by providing links to other pages and channels of the salon. For salon marketing, emails are helpful when it comes to being cost effective while targeting a large audience.


Other marketing techniques

Apart from the common ways of marketing a salon, using old-school techniques such as brochures and posts are highly effective marketing methods. Handing out brochures to walk-in clients with a list of services available shows them that extra attention is being paid to them. Moreover, workers at the salon can be given their own cards through which the clients can set up personal appointments while feeling special. Posting holiday cards to regular clients is another way of maintaining a personal relationship with them. A salon can post a 10% discount voucher for Thanksgiving holidays to some of its old clients.



Salon marketing strategies can really boost any salon to help it expand and grow. However, when using these methods, it is important to understand the target audience. Since salons are most frequently visited by women, deals and discounts which attract them should be used to market the salon properly. When it comes to using online marketing strategies for a salon, it is important to update them on a regular basis while also maintaining contact with clients. With a large amount of competition in the market, it is necessary for a salon to stand out from the rest and this can be achieved with the help of such marketing strategies.

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