Display your text-2-join keyword on table tents, menu’s, posted signs, and, of course, your website if your restaurant has one. If the offer is enticing enough, a potential customer will see it and happily join for the incentive of a discount or for a free item of food.


Use other alternative means to collect some of your valuable customer's information. Raffle off prizes with tickets where customers can fill out their information. Have a line printed on the bottom of the receipt check that allows for a mobile number. Add the web opt-in widget to the sign up page on your website.


When you are having a slow day with sales, send out a mass text message to your list of clients, sit back, and watch them flow in. Provide updates on promotions and sales you’re offering. Keep your regular clients updated with new products you may be adding to your menu.


Reach customers instantly

Use text message marketing to reach your customers when you want to speak to them. Don't rely on them to wait and think about your business; get their attention and make them think about your services. Send broadcasts out around lunch hour to catch the business rush or broadcast your happy hour specials to get them after they leave work.

Contact your entire staff in seconds!

Ever had a missed shift? Need to bring in some more people to deal with an unexpected crowd? Shoot a text message to all of your employees within a few seconds and get back to dealing with running your business.

Changing your hours of operation?

Notify all of your customers that you'll be closing early or staying open later. They will appreciate the advanced notice since they wouldn't have found out until it was too late.

Celebrating a holiday?

Send your customers a Happy Holiday's greeting. They will greatly appreciate the gesture and will remember the friendly atmosphere you have in your restaurant. This will help with developing customer referrals and bringing in new business.

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