Where Do I Get Numbers?

This is quite possibly the most frequently asked question we get. We know that mobile numbers just don't grow on trees and ExpressText does NOT sell mobile numbers or database lists of any kind. So, where DO you get them from? Relax, we'll show you some very simple ways to build the mobile list that you need to effectively market your services and products.

Sign Up Sheets

If you are promoting an event or have a place where lots of people will enter or gather, you can request for their information at the door or at a kiosk. The idea is to give them an incentive to join your mobile list. Offer them a chance to get a prize, discount, or to be entered into a raffle. The key here is to make sure they are fully aware that they are giving their information for you to use. Remember, permission is imperative!


Use the incentive of coupons to attract customers to your mobile campaign list. Offer them a discount on your product or services if they join the text messaging list. For example, "Text EXPRESS to 545454 to get 15% off your next purchase of credits!"


Use a text message campaign to give away a big prize such as a car, tickets to a sporting event, money, or a vacation trip. When users text in a keyword to be entered into your sweepstakes, they will automatically be joined into your mobile database for later advertisements. Choose a random winner in your account. The bigger the prize, the higher your response will be (i.e. Text "SWEEPSTAKES to 545454 for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii")!

Point of Sale

Use this opportunity to collect numbers at the P.O.S. Asking for a customer's information at the time of checkout is not only a time tested method, but it is when customers are more likely to give information without the need of an incentive. This client is already interested in your products or services so they don't need to be pre-screened for future advertisements.

Web Form

Each account comes with a web opt-in form that you can display on your web site to gather information from visitors. Use this form on all of your web sites to get information from potential customers looking to join lists or who are looking to receive more information about your products and services.

Get Creative! There are many different ways that you can collect numbers for marketing reasons. Customers that are looking for your products are always looking for ways to stay informed about what you have to offer. There is no need for gimmicks or games. Allow the customer to know that you want to keep them informed about your services and products. If they are interested, then they will give you their consent. These are just the basic stepping stones of building lists. You can use these to get a knack for building your mobile database. Good Luck!

Purchasing Lists or Databases

ExpressText believes and practices permission based marketing. Purchasing lists from 3rd party sources can be expensive and often not worth the trouble. Even if it is from a "reputable" company that sells information, you aren't aware of how the information was collected. You don't know if the consumer is willing to receive text messages. More importantly, the consumer didn't explicitly give you permission to contact them, and while we're sure the form they filled out legally allows any 3rd party to contact them, this practice is considered to be very distasteful and can actually damage your business' reputation. Don't take the risk, Build your list...

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