Group Text Messaging Made Easy

Automatic Response
Autoresponders, commonly used as text autoreplies, are the automated text messages received by your customers after sending your keyword to a short code. They do an amazing job regarding various offers, link replies and Q&As.
Group Text Scheduling
The schedule message option allows you to set the sending time for your message even if you are not there. Options include weekly, daily, monthly or even sending on particular holidays. Just choose the right time zone and set the scheduled messages in your account's calendar.
Age Authentication
Using the right text keywords makes a huge difference in the success of a text messaging campaign.

What Is Group Text Messaging?

Group texting lets you send text messages to customers in big or small groups at the same time without showing other recipients phone numbers making it feel more personalized. You can send text messages about new products, delivery status updates, reminders, emergency alerts, discounts, one day sales and more!

How to Send a Group Text Message?

Sending a group text is a pretty straight forward process mainly consisted of 3 easy steps.

1. Create a Text In keyword

The initial step when sending out a group text is to create a text in keyword. A text keyword is a word or phrase that users will text into a short code number so that they can join your subscriber list. You can choose a text keyword of your choice as long as it's available. Once you have created the text keyword the next step is to promote this keyword to your customer base. Once your customer's text in their phone number it will be added to a group of your choice. Now that your customer phone numbers have been added to your chosen group you can focus on the type of text message offer you would like to send such as discounts, new product updates, holiday sales and more.

2. Grow Your List

Next thing to do is to expand and grow your list. You can grow it by having new customers opting in or you can choose to import opted-in contacts who have previously subscribed to your service by filling out a form and or making a purchase. However, it is very important that you only send group text messages to those users who have agreed or subscribed to receive them from you. Best practice and the law set this as a standard.

3. Send Your Group Text

The last step is just a walk to the park. Simply choose the group of your choice, create a text message with an offer, and choose whether you want to send it immediately or schedule it for a later time in the future.

How Group Texting Brings Value To Your Business

Businesses and organizations rely on a group texting software like ours to reach their customers.

Group texting drive instant engagement which leads to instant results and not many traditional marketing methods can do that for you.

Save Money On Marketing

Almost all the other types of marketing ads, email blasts or sponsorships aimed at delivering your message to the target audience could be costly. Group text messaging is scalable, adjustable and affordable. Plus, measuring the success and the efficiency of your campaign is one of its best perks and it gives you the ability to tweak your strategy and approach on the go, making sure you do not spend money on inefficient tactics.

People Always Read Their Text Messages

With tons of emails, push notifications by mobile apps, and hours spent on the phone, nowadays it is not strange that openrates for email marketing are sadly low and click-through rates have been declining even lower. Companies using group texts are seeing 98% open rates and 36% click through rates making this marketing method a top contender for any business looking for instant results.

Large Scale Engagement

The more people your message gets sent to, the greater the risk without personalization and most importantlyif the offer isn't compelling enough. Our Group text message service has personalized features that allows you to target each customer based on age, birthday, engagement, name and more at scale.

Timing Is Everything

Instant read means faster action. It is like this with most things in life. You text people because you are sure that your text would be read promptly and will be acted on. Communications with businesses or non-profits is no different. Regardless if your goal is to have people buying, reacting, registering or engaging through a link, or be somewhere at a givenhour, sending a group text anytime throughout the day is surely the most convenient and efficient method to get it done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group texting

Group text messaging gives you the ability to send text messages to a small or large group of phone numbers at the same time. It is the easiest way to deliver a personalized group text message to a small or large group at once. You can send mobile coupons, new product alerts, delivery notifications, emergency warnings, appointment reminders, status updates and more.

The best part about sending a group text Is how affordable it is. The majority of group texting servicesoffer prices between 1.5 cents per text to 4 cents per text. The more text messages you send the cheaper your cost per text will be.

Yes, group texting is entirely legal if the people you are sending the messages to have evidently opted in to receive them. If they did so, you're out of danger. The law has hefty legal fines for sending unwanted text messages so do abide by the regulations.

Although many great benefits come with group text messaging, probably the most essential ones are that text messages get read, they are immediate and can be personalized.

Why Choose Express Text As Your Group Texting Service?

Let's be honest, yes, we might sound biased when stating we are the best group texting service on the market, but luckily,

we boast with a service that easily distinguishes us from others.

We Do Not Charge For Testing

Just wanted to check it out? Sure, no problem. Out group texting service is available for you to test it without any conditions. Hey, you can also get a special bonus plan that provides you with 100 free text credits just to get you rolling.

Smooth, Simple and Always With You

Our platform looks, feels and works as amazing on mobile as it is on standard desktop PCs. There is nothing better than being able to be flexible at any time and place.

Cater For Numerous Lists & Sections

Generateun limited number of lists and segments as per your wants and needs. The platform boasts some exceptional contact administration tools that you can use to even allow account access and give permission to colleagues to manage the lists on your behalf.

Next Generation Customer Support

It would be our pleasure to get a call at your convenience or you can send us a message and just wait on us to do whatever it takes to address any issues that arise. We exist because of clients like you.

2-Way Engagement and Client Management

Why involving the rest of the group when your subscribers can respond toyou directly to your group text messagesby funnelling their replies into an simple yet user-friendly, segmented inbox allowing you to navigate through your chat inbox and keep the conversation and the engagement going individually.

Top Notch Deliverability

Your messages not getting through is an issue that really affects the success of your communication strategy. We dedicate our efforts and choose to rely only on the most reliable messaging routes in order for us to be easy to say - message well delivered.

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