SMS For Marketing

Text to join
Create a Text in keyword that you can promote to your customers so they can join your list and instantly receive a special offer.
Upload your opted-in subscribers
Yes you can upload your opted in phone numbers to your account as long as your customers have given you their permission to text them.
Send SMS Marketing Messages
Send a text message to a few or all of your customers about an event, sale, new product launch, new menu item and more.

What is SMS marketing?

An SMS marketing Service allows businesses to send out promotional text messages about products, services, discounts and or events to their customers.

It's a preferred method of marketing because it's less expensive than other marketing methods, making it a cost-effective mobile solution capable of reaching large groups of people within seconds.

SMS for marketing is permission-based. That means that it requires a customer to have prior consent from people before sending them a text message. In other words, a business can only send text messages to a person who has opted-in either by texting in using a keyword, providing it to you verbally and or filling out a form.

How to send an SMS Marketing Message?

Sending a mass text message is pretty easy to get started follow the these steps:

1. Sign up and create a text in keyword

To get started with sending your first text message, you need to sign up with an SMS marketing platform like Express Text. After you have signed up, you'll need to create and choose a text in keyword. A text in keyword allows your customers to personally opt into your text club giving you permission to text them.

2. Grow Your List

Growing your list is an important part of any marketing campaign. You can grow your list by promoting your keyword on social media, in your email campaigns, on your website and using Express Text web widgets. You can also upload a list of opted-in phone numbers however it's very important that you make sure any contacts added have given you permission before you text them because it's the law.

3. Send your SMS marketing campaign

Now that you have a list of opted-in numbers the last step is to create a text message with a good offer, choose a group and send your text message immediately or schedule it for a later time in the future. Best part about texting your customers is the moment they receive the text message the engagement and results are immediate.

Why SMS marketing can help your business

Higher Open Rates

Our SMS marketing tool is extremely effective it's known for generating maximum ROI for businesses and that can be attributed to its exceptional opening rate at 98%. Best part it's incredibly easy to use!

Higher Click-through Rates

SMS for marketing increases customer engagement due to its exceptional speed and convenience. People just love their phones and are addicted to them, which makes SMS a preferred tool for marketing.

Trigger Instant Results

Here is a perfect SMS marketing example, let's say you are a retail store and you have a seasonal sale going on either in store or online. You are going to want to spread the word about other than using social media and email you can easily notify thousands of your previous opted-in customers about the big sale by sending them a mass SMS text message. Best part you won't have to wait days or weeks to see the results with text messaging it's instant.

Common SMS Marketing Tool FAQS

SMS for marketing is a permission-based promotional tool, you need to get your customers to opt-in to receive your text messages first. Once your list of subscribers is prepared, you can use a platform, like Express Text, to send out text messages to your customers, creating more awareness about your brand, services and products.

Make sure to choose the right provider that is affordable and easy to use. Once you have found a service like Express Text you can sign up by choosing a plan, set up a text in keyword, create a group, create a text message and start scheduling text messages.

You can send your customers text messages to notify them about one-day sales, seasonal sales, free shipping day, coupons, promotional codes, exclusive deals, new product launches and more!

The cost depends on the provider but our company Express Text charges between 0.015 cents per text to 0.04 cents per text. Our monthly plans start at $49 a month for 1,500 text messages. We have low volume plans; large volume plans and we can also customize one to fit your needs.

Why choose Express Text as your provider to carry out your SMS Marketing Strategy

Express Text is a web-based SMS marketing software used by small, medium and large businesses to reach their customers.

Adjust your plan at anytime

We don't have contracts! You can pay as you go or enroll in a monthly plan and upgrade or downgrade whenever you need to.

Two-way text messaging

You can receive text messages from your customers and reply to them just like if you were using your cell phone.

Detailed Reports

You can monitor your reports to track keyword opt-ins, clicks, sent text messages, opt-outs and more!

Link Tracking

Add a link to your text and track how many total/unique clicks you received on your link.

Segment Your Contacts

Create as many groups as you need to separate your contacts by age, location, preferred offer, number of purchases, birthday month, total spend and more!

Schedule Your Text Messages

Don't want to send your text message right now? Not a problem schedule it for later that day, week or month.

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