How It Works

ExpressText is hosted in the cloud so there is nothing for you to install or download. You can access your account anywhere, anytime and from any computer that has an internet connection. Your account has all of the tools needed to manage mobile campaigns and to send out messages to your customers. You have an unlimited amount of storage for contacts and groups. Organize them just like you would with your contacts in an email account. It really is THIS SIMPLE...


Choose from one of our many affordable packages or sign-up for a free trial account using nothing but a valid email address and mobile number. The registration process is simple, and you'll have access to your account in less than a minute.

Log In

Use your username and password to login to your account. Once in the account, you'll be prompted with a Getting Started tutorial. Follow the process all the way to the end to soak in all the valuable information that it has to offer. Remember to take notes and to read every section carefully. You're almost there!

Add Your Contacts

Create a Group name to store your contacts. Using our easy methods of adding contacts to your account, you can manually type a few numbers, copy and paste from a Word file, or upload a large amount of contacts using an excel file to your account. Your contacts will be available within a matter of seconds.

Send Your Message

Type up your message and send it out to your contacts. The message will be delivered and your customers will receive it in a matter of seconds.

Supported Carriers

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