Small business marketing

Small business marketing

Starting a small business can be difficult and tough in the beginning. However, marketing is the key to the success of a small business in the market. Small business marketing can be easy if the target audience is known. Using strategies such as text message marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more can help to spread brand awareness and is the perfect way to gain the attention of any target audience. Improving your marketing techniques will help you to compete and make your business stand out from the competition.

Express Text SMS marketing

Express text SMS marketing platform is one of the most affordable methods to market a small business. An SMS text message is short and limited to 160 characters allowed yet it manages to convey the message to the recipient in an attractive manner. Mass text messages are the best and quickest way to communicate with clients. According to a study, 98% of the text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received. Moreover, with SMS marketing, it becomes convenient to update clients with new information at any time. With a flash sale of 50% on all items for the weekend, a small clothing business can update clients with the remaining number of days left.

Forming a bond with each customer is important. This can be achieved by adding a personal touch to the text blast sent to them. Categorizing customers can help in forming different messages so they feel special. Asking for customer feedback after delivery is one way of building a relationship. After sending out an order, a small business of handbags could send an SMS with express text asking the customer to rate their product while also asking for suggestions for improvement.

Official website

When starting a small business, it is necessary to create an attractive and user-friendly website. This gives a positive image to the customers and shows that the company is tech savvy. A website is important for a small business to get going and updating clients about itself without having to communicate with them directly. Moreover, it acts as a great platform for customer feedback with live online chats as an option. Provide incentives for customers to visit the official company website. Sending a text with a link for the website, while informing customers about a coupon offer on the website for a small business of candles is a great way to market the business.

Social media marketing

Small business marketing can become really easy with access to social media as a platform for it. People prefer using social media sites and pages to remain updated. 67% of customers prefer social media for customer support. With growing competition in the market, a small business can use social media to communicate with its customers easily. Facebook pages and advertisements are one way. These might cost a little but the results are promising. Facebook ads pop-up for users as they scroll down their newsfeed and catch their attention. Facebook business pages are the best way to keep all followers updated about any events, sales or promotions. Moreover, customers can even provide their feedback through these pages which helps in promoting the business. However, it is necessary to remain consistent with posts on social media and maintain the pages regularly. To gain followers, a small business can market the page by sending text messages to existed opted in subscribers to like the Facebook page.

Event marketing

Hosting events is a major part of small business marketing. It is a way to create excitement amongst clients and be in the limelight as compared to other competitors in the market. The event could be an exclusive launch party of the business or could be dinner. To market the business and gain the attention it is necessary to attract the clients. Sending them regular reminder text, social invite, and emails about the event to hype their curiosity is one of these ways. When hosting an event, a small business can also update its clients with the above methods about the number of tickets left to an exclusive concert being held while also providing 10% off the ticket prices during the last few days.

Customer Loyalty

When it comes to marketing, the aim is not only to find new clients but also keep the old ones. Customers need a reason to stay with one company and drift off to other competitors. To make sure they remain loyal to a business, incentives can be given such as rewards with a customer loyalty program. A small perfume business can gift a free scent to a customer after a few visits to the shop. Moreover, to win over a customer it is necessary to build a relationship with them. For this, keeping records of all customers helps. For example, on their birthday a company can send them a birthday text message offering them a discount on its items.


Small business marketing is not a very difficult process if followed properly. Using the right techniques and tools really help in boosting business and sales. For a small business, it is necessary to build new clients as well as keep old ones which is why it’s important to use the best marketing methods available in today’s day and age. Most marketing tools are affordable and most companies can usually customize plans to suit your business needs. Marketing plays a huge role in any business and it’s important to always keep your customers in the loop may it be by text, social or email about new products, updates and discounted offers to entice customers too buy more often.

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