Easy Contact Upload

Upload your contacts in 3 simple and easy ways.

Create Your Group

Start by creating a group to add your contacts into. It's best to organize contacts into different segments so that you can choose which target market you want to hit when your message goes out. Good ways to organize groups are by:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Location
  • D.O.B.

And many more...

Add a Few Personal Contacts

If there are key members in your organization that you want included in your messages, this is the best place to add them in. Choose up to 6 different contacts to add to your particular admin groups so you can review your messages when they go out.

Copy and Paste

Our easy to use system allows you to copy and paste numbers that you have collected in a word or excel file directly into your account. Add up to 2000 numbers at a time using this method.

Excel File

Upload all of your contacts from your existing database using a .csv Excel file. This is the best and most user detailed way to upload 1000's of contacts in a matter of minutes.

Supported Carriers