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SMS Advertising Campaigns – How to use QR codes

Ever heard of those 2D matrix barcodes that appear in advertisements and product tags? Those are called Quick Response (QR) codes.

And did you know that you can use them to let a customer sign up for your SMS text alerts or even redeem your special offers?

So, let us show you how to integrate QR codes into your SMS advertising campaigns.


How does a QR code work?

QR codes work by scanning the given code with a camera-enabled mobile device. A user may also want to download a QR code reader app to scan these codes better.

Once a QR code has been scanned and decoded, an actionable information is activated such as a text alert or a web page.


What can a QR Code do for my sms advertising campaigns?

You can use QR codes to decode information that will trigger a variety of actions on your customer’s mobile device such as the following:

  • Send a text message or email
  • Dial a phone number
  • View an exclusive offer
  • View a mobile web page, including social media
  • View a location (Google Maps, iOS Maps)
  • View a customer’s proof of purchase (e.g. tickets)


Using QR Codes to initiate an opt-in

Set up your own QR code on your chosen service provider’s platform. Make sure to select those that allow you to choose SMS as an option.

Assign your own unique keyword and short code. And when somebody scans the QR code you created to opt-in to your SMS advertising campaigns, your pre-assigned keyword will pop up on the user’s phone screen and will automatically send it to your phone number.

Fast, simple and convenient.

QR Codes are ideal for customers who seem to do more than 50% of their online activities through their mobile devices.

However, if some don’t have a smartphone, simply put your keyword and mobile short code right below the barcode. They just have to look at it and key in the details via SMS, so there’s no way they won’t be able to opt-in.