Mobile Text Messaging

mobile text messaging

Customers can reach your business in different ways. Some might have found out about you through print ads, social media, email, or mobile text messaging.

Therefore, it is important to understand every touchpoint your customers take to reach you and end up purchasing your products or services.

Do mobile devices have a big impact on the customer journey and experience? Do customers prefer to receive offers through SMS text or any other communication channels?

So, if you convert higher through SMS than say email or social media, then consider paying more attention to your SMS marketing strategy.

And here are the 5 easy yet effective steps to improve the customer’s journey.

1. Promote brand awareness

If you have print ads spread all over the city or ads posted across various social networks, it’s safe to assume that some customers would be compelled to contact you.

This is a perfect opportunity to rope them into your brand by allowing them to connect to you, fast. How?

Simply create a keyword that customers can type in on their mobile phones and a mobile short code to which they could send that keyword.


[BRAND NAME] or [any chosen keyword e.g. HELLO] to a 5-6-digit mobile short code e.g. 123456

Mobile text messaging makes everything simple and fast.

2. Send out text alerts but avoid spamming

So, your customers have joined your contact list and it’s your chance to send out valuable offers they should find hard to resist. However, don’t spam them to your heart’s content but take a customer’s behavior into consideration as well.

Do they prefer to receive alerts twice a week? Once a day? Once a week? Find ways to learn these details about your customers to give them a great experience.

3. Include tiny URLs in your SMS

Every time a customer reads your text messages, they would be interested enough to click on a link you’ve enclosed in it. In fact, the average click-through-rate in SMS is 36%, which means that 36 out of 100 customers will click on a hyperlinked phrase.

So, not only can SMS help you collect and drive organic traffic to your other websites, but it will also make the customer journey a lot easier.

4. Customers converted into sales, now what?

The customer journey doesn’t end with sales. It should continue on post-purchase like asking for their comments or suggestions.

To do this, send out a thank you message with a link that redirects them to a survey page. This technique will help you identify any areas you can improve or optimize your services.

Mobile text messaging is just one of the many communication channels you can use to direct traffic to your path to purchase and the good news is, it’s one of the most cost-effective out there today.