Salon Texting Ideas

salon texting ideas

When it comes to running a salon, it is important to consider what marketing strategy would be effective and would produce the desired result. One of the most successful marketing methods for salons is mass text messaging or bulk texting which has gained a lot of popularity over time. Mass text messaging is convenient, cheap, and easy to use. SMS gets the required attention that business owners need in order to promote their salon.  However, for it to be effective the text messages have to be unique and straight to the point if they are to gain the customers’ attention, which is why it is necessary to explore different salon texting ideas to know which texting method would be best. It is important to remember that the main purpose is to increase customers.

Express Text

With the introduction of smart phones, communication has become a lot easier than before. Up to 98% of the text messages sent, are opened within 3 minutes by the recipient. SMS marketing has become a common way of marketing for any business, that is why various service providers are coming into the market to provide such services. One of such service provider is Express Text which allows businesses and companies to send text messages to their contact lists without going through any stress. Mass text messaging is a cost effective technique which boosts and increases sales for salons. Along with many features, Express Text provides salons with affordable and pocket friendly prices.

Features of Express Text

Express text is cost effective and easy, the service provider comes with special features that can really help salons reach out to old and prospective customers within a short period. Uploading contacts on the system is one of the many features that allows salons to upload the contact information of their customers and they can be grouped into different categories. The contact list can be categorized into old and new customers. One benefit of this feature is that a salon can send mass text messages to only frequent customers and also personalize the messages by addressing the customers by their names. With the help of this feature, a salon can message its frequent customers and offer them a 25% discount for Christmas holidays.  

In addition, this service provider makes communication easy by allowing customers to provide feedbacks which can help a salon grow. Customer feedback is always necessary to improve quality of service. With the help of mass text messaging, customers can be sent messages asking them to rate the service of a salon by sending a number between 1 and 10. The responses sent by customers can also be like a short review regarding the services, and it can help the salon to become better than other competitors in the market.  

Express Text provides multiple features for businesses, allowing them to access the system through mobile phones and even schedule messages beforehand. The service provider also helps salons to build more clientele with its messaging service facility.

Short code

Short code is a small number which is used in replace of a phone number but only used to send text messages. It has become a common feature when it comes to SMS marketing for businesses and companies. Using short codes that are only specific to the salon can get attention from people easily. All that a salon has to do is to send a message asking customers to text a word to the short code. For example, “HAIRSTYLE” to 4565 to enjoy 20% discount on services by the salon. Offering such discounts using the salon short codes peculiar to the salon helps to increase sales and attract customers to visit the salon more often. Also, the short code is chosen by a salon of which the customers can save the code on their phone so they know when the salon is texting them. Short codes provide a unique touch to text messages sent by the salon and it sets them apart from other competitors in the market.

Event promotions

Mass text messaging is a great way of promoting an event, and also reminding guests about the date. Salons can send text messages as reminders to all customers that are invited to their events so that the turnout is large and the event is a success. When promoting an event, it is important to know the target audience, and attract them with the event that they would be interested in. Text messaging for salons achieves that in a simpler manner. With the help of Express Text, a salon can shortlist female customers that would be interested in an exclusive fashion show that is organized by the salon. Text blasts can be sent regularly to remind the guests about the event and give updates about timing and location. Similarly, in case there is a change in venue or time, and the salon needs to postpone or reschedule the fashion show, it can text the customers who are invited to inform them of the changes. These text messages can also serve as teasers in order to build excitement amongst customers and make them eager to attend the event.

Other Marketing Strategies

Text messaging is the perfect tool to drive customers towards other marketing strategies. Through text messages, customers can be notified about a salon’s website and social media accounts. Using mass messaging as a tool, a salon can ask people to subscribe to their YouTube channel and receive a discount immediately. Also, hyperlinks can be attached to text message through which customers can easily open the link and subscribe or like the relevant page. Technology have made life easy and marketing really convenient. Using one marketing strategy like SMS marketing, it is now possible to market other techniques as well. A salon can share the link of its Facebook page and tell customers to comment and like their post.

Customer Loyalty

Increasing customer loyalty is one way to boost sales and stand out from other competitors in the market. Salons need to work hard to make sure that customers remain loyal to them. This means, that they need to keep track of old and new customers and give them deals, offers and exclusive discounts. Customers feel loyal towards a salon when they enjoy amazing services along with discounts and offers. Therefore, while working on improving the quality of its services, a salon also needs to focus on its clients. A salon can announce a customer loyalty program to customers who visit the salon more than 5 times within a month. With this program they can provide discounts on services each time a customer visits, hence giving them an incentive to make frequent and regular visits to the salon.  

Apart from customer loyalty program, a salon can store important information of a customer in its system, such as their date of birth. Each year a regular customer will be sent a birthday wish by the salon and will be offered a special discount on their birthday. This technique is excellent to increase customer loyalty by making them feel special. This shows customers that the salon is aware of its customer’s information and works hard towards making them feel special.

Automated Reply

The best part of technology is that it keeps getting better, new and improved techniques come out every day. One of these is the automated or automatic reply which can be used to gain feedbacks or to market the salon efficiently. Salons can keep tabs of customers visiting them with all their information such as phone number and postal address, to send them an automated reply each time they make a visit. An old customer whose name and information are in the system will be sent an automatic reply thanking them for coming to the salon and asking them for their feedback as well. This gives customer’s special attention and makes them feel important. Such a technique also puts the salon in the limelight since it focuses on customers and their priorities compared to other salons in the competitive market. The salon also sounds tech savvy and updated to customers who become loyal customers over time.


Salon texting ideas vary according to circumstances but it is necessary to come up with new and improved ideas to get the attention of customers through simple text messages. Mass text messaging or bulk messaging has become a common feature among various salons, but what sets each salon apart is the tone and consistency of messaging its clients. The style that a salon opts to communicate with its clients defines it. None the less, text messaging is an excellent way to form good relationship with clients and increase their loyalty towards the salon. To make the process of mass text messaging easier, the service of Express Text can be acquired at low costs to ensure quality filled messages and unique features. The service provider allows salons to change and use the features according to their needs. Salon texting ideas can be used by new salons as well as old business to improve their sales and customer service.