10 RCS Messaging Statistics

10 RCS Messaging Statistics

With technology advancing every day, text messaging which are commonly known as SMS have also evolved. RCS stands for Rich Communication Service and it has become a major topic in the communication industry. RCS is meant to be replacing SMS in the nearest future for providing better services to users who are tired of sending plain and slow text messages. The RCS protocol will act like a chat room that will be superior to that of the SMS protocol. With a new messaging service taking over the regular text message, here are some statistics about the new RCS protocol.  

1. Currently there are 55 carriers and about 12 smart-phone companies that are interested in RCS and its new Chat application. Despite this attention, the RCS protocol was faced with some troubles when starting off a decade ago. RCS has taken a long time to develop in order to take over the SMS service. It started off in 2007 as industry promoters introduced it under the GSM Association in 2008. However, it was kept from developing due to carrier participation and other reasons for almost a decade. Microsoft is one of the companies that have declared their support in this upcoming messaging facility. In the United States of America, majority of the carriers are also keen on becoming a part of RCS, showing their support for the new communication service.  

2. 36% of people wanted an advanced interactive service to communicate with their colleagues, employees and customers. Businesses are really looking forward to the RCS protocol taking over SMS services in the future. Companies and businesses find it easier to communicate with their clients and employees with a faster service and more interactive options available than the plain old texting. The Chat application introduced through RCS is meant to be the answer to their prayers with advanced networking in order to remain in contact with people. This service will also help businesses grow as their marketing techniques can improve with a more elaborate messaging service. 

3. 94% of the businesses found RCS a better option as their communication service provider. A survey carried out in 2017 by a few companies, interpreted the reaction of businesses towards an evolving messaging service. RCS being a faster and better service allows users to not only send text messages, but also to communicate with the help of videos. This shows the interest businesses have towards adopting RCS for themselves. Interactive and advanced form of communication is what businesses are now seeking for and RCS is the solution to all their problems. Chat, which is the messaging part of RCS allows users to exchange videos and messages, helping businesses to market itself successfully with innovative ideas. Businesses also believe that it is high time that evolution took place in the messaging sector. 

4. In Canada alone, there are 125,000 RCS users on the network already. These numbers are attached to only one carrier as Google has not been able to provide a specific number of users, using RCS. However, the aggregate number of RCS users across the world right now is much higher. Even though RCS is comparatively a new idea, people have started shifting to this service for better functions. RCS works with the internet or a Wi-Fi connection unlike the SMS service. However, people are looking at the advantages attached to the protocol which include high speed, better features and a quality connection. While SMS was simply providing a text message service, RCS provides all features that users had to download through various applications like WhatsApp. With just the Chat feature of RCS, users can both message, send videos and call each other without the need of a third party application. 

5. According to the GSM Association, the RCS application to person messaging business would be worth $74 billion by 2021. The entire communication industry has been evolving with the RCS protocol taking its place in the network. With an increase in attention towards the new services, there seems to be a lot of money at stake within the industry. Many companies are now investing in the sector thanks to RCS which has been declared as one of the most lucrative ideas around the world. Investors seek for something innovative that people can easily be attracted to so profit can be built from the investment. RCS is providing exactly that especially with the predictions attached to its boost globally.  

6. 67% of the people who have used the application found RCS to be more secure than other messaging services. When it comes to communicating, different individuals and businesses want something that secures their private information and offers them security such as end to end encryption. The RCS protocol allows messages and videos to be sent over the internet through the various features it provides to user. It provides end to end security like encryption of messages to keep the users information safe from prying eyes. Businesses found this feature attractive due to the personal information of clients that would be secured with the use of RCS. With hackers becoming rampant in the technological world, it has become a necessity to keep all data secure. RCS protocol ensures that, making it an attractive service, especially for businesses.  

7. An Open Market Survey held in 2017 showed that 60% of the population preferred a service that was convenient. They wanted all features like messages, videos and images in one place. RCS being an evolved service, provides users with this convenience. Rather than having messages and other features all mixed up, it is better to have them all in one application. Businesses also prefer this ease of accessibility rather than having their contacts and messages stored in different places. SMS protocol fails to provide this solution to users which is why RCS has superseded the service and is taking over the communication sector in the nearest future. When opting for a service, the first thing that users look at is the convenience they will get from all the features. Since RCS provides better features all in one place, it will be the most preferred choice. 

8. 83% of the people preferred RCS because the location services through it allowed more innovative and dynamic messages to be sent to people. Businesses never stop looking for innovative ideas to market their products, which is why RCS attracted their attention. Rather than sending plain and regular text messages for their marketing campaigns, businesses can use the location services provided through RCS to evolve marketing strategies as well. When the location is enabled, messages can guide customers to the exact location of a store or to an event. Dynamics continue to change in order to attract customers to a business which is what RCS helps businesses to achieve with the help of its location services which are present in the protocol and doesn’t need to be obtained separately. 

9. RCS provides a 20 times higher customer engagement than SMS. With the extra features added in the texting channel, RCS tends to attracts more customers for businesses using them. A richer content filled with videos and other functions gets the attention of customers rather than a plain old text message from businesses. With a Chat option and all extra features all in one place, RCS has become a popular choice within businesses and their customers. When provided with the option of buying products, sending messages, videos and branding, a customer is more engaged in the business. This leads to them buying more products as they get all features in one place.  

10. 31% of the companies expect to pay a similar price for RCS as they did for SMS services while 25% expect a 1.5 times increase in costs. RCS is a new technology and it is needless to say that service providers would increase the price for providing these services to businesses. None the less, even when expecting an increase in costs, businesses seem to accept the RCS protocol. This is because of the fact that rather than spending separately on sending videos or location services, businesses can opt for the RCS protocol which provides all these services in one place. With an increase in convenience and innovation, a small hike in price makes no difference.  


The RCS service has taken the communication sector by surprise. After being abandoned for almost a decade, the protocol and its features have been rekindled with the help of Google. When looking at the potential of the service, other carriers also partnered with Google to replace the SMS service with RCS for a better future. Evolution is the key to success and RCS is the evolution of the communication sector. With improved features, better quality and easy functionality, RCS has become the preferred option by various businesses and users across the world. The statistics shows how RCS is being supported by major carriers and companies like Google and Microsoft to become a popular option for communicating with people. Even though RCS runs with the help of an internet connection, people are choosing it over the regular text messaging service because of added utilities and facilities for them. 

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