20 Mobile Marketing Statistics

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With mobile marketing becoming a common method for businesses to market their products and services, it is important to have relevant information about it. Mobile marketing has made life easy for both customers and businesses due to its hassle-free procedure. Digitalized marketing is the new talk of the town and with recent innovations, it has changed the marketing style completely. Due to such recent innovations in the digital world here are a few mobile marketing statistics which shed light on the marketing technique.  

1. In 2016, 51% of digital Ads budgets were used on mobiles. With every business looking for new and better ways to market itself, competition has increased in the market. Companies are now shifting towards mobile optimization and applications to market their products successfully. To counter them, other businesses also need to come up with similar techniques and strategies so they can remain in the spotlight. Mobile has become a magnet for investment to marketing companies since they all want to stand out. 

2. 61% of the mail in the United States of America was opened through mobile phones in the year 2017. Email marketing is another form of digital marketing which can now be accessed through mobiles using smart-phones. With people checking their Emails frequently through mobiles, it has become easier for companies to target audience by sending them regular Emails. Even though many say that Email marketing has lost its charm, the statistics prove that users check Emails on a regular basis through mobiles. 

3. In 2017, there was a total of 197 billion mobile applications downloaded by people across the world. With businesses using mobile optimization and creating mobile applications to make access easy for users, the number of applications downloaded has increased significantly. Nowadays people look for convenience and to use all features in one place which has helped mobile marketing in becoming a huge success. Mobile applications have become a recent trend for companies.  

4. Out of 5 people, 4 will use their smart-phones to shop for products. With mobiles becoming such a huge attraction amongst users, businesses have also targeted these consumers to increase their sales. Large clothing and retail companies now promote shopping through smart-phones by offering people discounts. Mobile marketing has increased and continues to increase with the same effect on people using mobiles.  

5. SMS marketing has an 8 times higher response rate than Emails. Text message marketing or mass marketing is another aspect of mobile marketing which offers a dynamic change in communication between a business and its customers. Smart-phones are now easily available for the public. While people are out on their jobs, they can easily receive marketing text messages from companies that are using mobile marketing to promote themselves. No matter where the customer is, they will receive a text message quicker than other methods.  

6. 54% of the users on Facebook, access the application to visit the site. The mobile application for Facebook has made it easier for people to browse through the pages on their smart-phones. Knowing the high amount of traffic on the application, businesses have created their pages on the site for people to see and access it while scrolling down their newsfeeds. Social media websites and pages are a huge success due to mobile and digitalized marketing.  

7.  57% users recommend a good website for businesses. Without an optimized website, a business cannot market itself successfully. People look for attractive and easy to use websites which they can access through mobile phones. Modern consumers look for professional websites that have been designed nicely. Poorly-designed websites do not bring success to a business and neither do customers use it nor do they recommend it to others.  

8. Out of 3 banks, 1 is expected to use commercial block-chain in 2018. Mobile marketing has taken over for businesses as well as banks. Banks use commercial block-chain and mobile applications as well to market themselves to customers and provide them with ease and convenience. Adopting this feature allows banks to expand their clientele and work efficiently in a professional manner.  

9. 70% of online searches lead to some activity in one hour. When companies initiate online business as a form of mobile marketing, consumers tend to make purchases online. When searching for goods, people tend to look at online shopping forums, where they can buy products easily. Online websites have become popular within modern consumers who prefer online shopping since they can access websites through their mobile phones instantly. Attractive sites and products attract more customers.  

10. 60% of advertising done online is said to be dedicated to the mobile sector in 2018. The mobile sector has gained importance due to its strategic marketing use, for various businesses and companies. Mobiles have made it easier for consumers to remain in contact with companies. Transactions and purchasing have also been made easier. Convenience is key for customers to access a business and the mobile sector has made such communications convenient.  

11. 68% of the companies have incorporated mobile marketing in their marketing strategy. Mobile marketing has become an important marketing component for companies and businesses in recent times. With consumers choosing modern options, companies have started evolving marketing strategies to fulfill the consumer’s choices.  

12. In the past 2 years, searches through mobile using the word “best” has increased by 80%. Consumers when searching for products tend to look for the best options available in the market. Which is why, it is necessary for companies to focus on their products and services. Every company strives to become the best when compared to its competitors.   

13. 87% of the revenue collected from Facebook advertising, comes from mobile usage. A lot of companies choose Facebook advertising to market themselves online. Facebook Ads are common when people scroll down their newsfeed. Attractive adverts gain the attention of users scrolling down the page and provide incentives for them to make purchases. With the mobile application of Facebook used through smart-phones, it has become easier for businesses to make Facebook Ads. 

14. 83% of the B2B marketers believe that mobile applications play an important role in content marketing. Mobile marketing has become the crux of marketing for various companies, and experienced marketers also believe that marketing strategies have now evolved. Innovation is necessary for companies to become successful as consumers choose modernized products and services.  

15. Over 50% of the videos online are now watched on mobiles. Mobile marketing is not just restricted to messages and websites but it also includes videos. Video marketing is a branch of mobile marketing which gives detailed information to clients through short videos. Smart-phones have made it convenient for users to watch these videos while doing other things.  

16. Mobile transactions done online have now exceeded 40%. Mobile usage has increased a lot that people now prefer online shopping and transactions. People now carry out transactions through their mobiles since it is quicker and more convenient than regular transactions. Such transactions have also increased due to banks working through mobile applications and people carrying out such activities through their mobile phones.  

17. Reminders through text messages can help in reducing missed appointments by 26%. Without reminders, people tend to forget that they have appointments. Setting business appointment reminders can help companies and people to remember and prepare for such appointments on time. Time is money for businesses and to save time they can opt for such reminders on their mobiles.  

18. Mobile marketing teams have become an important part of the marketing teams for businesses. 58% of the surveyed companies have a marketing team that is entirely dedicated to mobile marketing. Such teams are useful in using the companies’ resources to the fullest and providing the best results at the end. These teams are well aware of consumer choices that are made through mobiles, hence come up with innovative ideas to grab their attention.  

19. 91% of mobile users believe that accessible content is necessary for a good experience. When creating online pages and websites, a business should keep the pattern user friendly and accessible through mobile phones. With mobile usage increasing worldwide, people tend to use mobiles for accessing website content and searching for products.  

20. In 2019, 72% of all U.S digital advertisement costs are expected to be represented by mobile advertising. Future predictions about mobile marketing also seem positive due to previous trends decided by consumer behavior. An increase in mobile marketing and spending is expected due to a constant increase in it overtime.  


These statistics show that mobile marketing has become an important decision maker for businesses and companies. Various marketing strategies are being used, but mobile marketing has become one of the first choices for marketers due to its popularity among consumers. The mobile sector has expanded beyond imagination with the help of innovation. Smart-phones and new technologies have made it easier for consumers to access websites, make online searches, buy products online and maintain contact with companies. Such data provides useful information regarding consumer behavior and choices, helping companies to make future predictions about various trends.