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Mobile Text Message Marketing

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Mobile text message marketing is a marketing technique which businesses use to send promotional text messages and updates to their users directly to their cellphones. They do this by setting up a database with all the subscribed contacts and using a text message marketing software to send one message to all the recipients simultaneously.

While mobile text message marketing is considered the most effective method of marketing, it can be tricky. Using it the wrong way could make a business lose clients rather than gaining them. This can be avoided in several ways. Firstly, it’s always better to get permission first. This is why brands use text to join campaigns where they ask a customer to opt-in by sending a text with a keyword to a short code to subscribe to their promotional text messages. If the customer is interested, they will opt into the service by following the instructions. This way, they will be receiving updates and offers willingly so the business gains credibility and there are fewer chances for a customer unsubscribing from the service by replying stop. Hence, this leads to more effective marketing.

The second most important thing for businesses to remember while carrying out mobile text message marketing is to be respectful to the user. As is the famous saying, the customer comes first. The business needs to make sure that the consumer is comfortable with the texts that they receive. There shouldn’t be too many that make the user feel annoyed or irritated. Spamming their inbox is not usually appreciated. To make them feel at ease, the business should tell them that they can opt out whenever they prefer.

Since it is cheap, fast, convenient and flexible among other benefits, all businesses lean toward mobile text message marketing. However, they should keep in mind that not everything is appropriate to be used on an SMS marketing platform. It’s important to refer to the CTIA to keep up with regulations on texting or ask your sms marketing service about approved content.

The last component for effective text message marketing is to add value. The business needs to make sure they do two things: send texts that are relevant and send things that will please the consumer i.e. offers, discounts, sale updates and other such things that will make a subscriber want to receive messages. The goal is to make the customers interested in the brand without being too pushy.

The statistics for mobile text message marketing is astounding, and they are what incline businesses to go for it. Research shows that customers are TEN times more likely to use mobile coupons and that too without the added expense of spending money on printing coupons and handing them out. SMS marketing is also 6 to 8 times more engaging since messages are short, concise and don’t take too much time to read so users prefer those over long emails. Lastly, since Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic, businesses can use that as a tool to look for a location to improve their mobile search traffic.


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