SMS Text Marketing

sms text marketing

Text messaging is a common way for two people to communicate and interact with each other through a transmission medium. However, this article focuses on how businesses use SMS Text Marketing to market their products to consumers or potential customers. In today’s world, around 25 billion people use smartphones. All the latest technologies are present in just a small device which allows users to connect with each other quickly, efficiently and wirelessly.

SMS marketing is not just limited to sending users’ offers and discounts. There are several different uses of SMS Text Marketing, the first being updates. Businesses nowadays, especially those based online, send out confirmation texts to users after they have placed an order, with invoice details and a thank you. They can further proceed to text the user once the package is on its way to being delivered. This will make the customer feel inclined to order again as they will feel that the business is giving their order importance, as well as help them keep track of when their order will arrive.

The second main use of SMS is to conduct surveys. Suppose a customer logs onto a website and has trouble finding an item he wants to purchase; he can contact customer support through online chat and once the chat is finished the business can ask the customer to review whether the customer support was helpful or not, and other such things to evaluate their performance. Good customer service will aid a customer in buying a product, so it is indirectly a part of the marketing process.

The third use of SMS Texting can be to book appointments. If a customer calls a business to make an appointment and they do not answer, the customer can log onto their website and click on ‘make an appointment.’ Shortly after, they will receive a text that includes a link which takes them to a professional booking system. They can set their time and date on the available slots, and Voila! The downside to this is that not many businesses provide this service and even if they do, people may hesitate to make an online appointment as they are used to the old ways of doing it through a call. However, everything is rapidly switching to online methods e.g. making payments, paying bills etc. and it is predicted that this will too.

Other uses of text marketing services include text reminders and general communication. Forbes says that 60% of users prefer SMS marketing over emails. Other statistics show that 31% of people will respond to a text and within the first 6 minutes. Smartphones have become so addictive that 62% of people check their phones immediately after waking up. Businesses have seized this opportunity and hence begun to directly communicate their users through their phones. This effective method has rendered an increase in sales. Research proves this by finding that SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing. SMS Text Marketing is the most effective method of reaching consumers so far.

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