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Mass Texting for business

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Mass texting for business makes marketing easy

The process of sending messages in bulk to a large number of people simultaneously from a single source i.e. SMS marketing software is called mass texting. Mass texting for business is used as a marketing tool by companies to create brand recognition, customer loyalty and interact with their customers on a personal level.

Fortunately for brands, the process of mass texting is quite easy and efficient. There are web-based SMS service providers available. On their websites, companies can create an account, import their subscribed contact list or make a new one, run an SMS text to join campaign asking users to subscribe and then sending those users promotional texts. The best thing about mass texting for businesses is that technology has allowed for customizable texts. This means that each text can include the customer’s name, which is a very effective way of making the customer feel special and important.

Another benefit that mass texting for business provides is that even though texts are being sent out in bulk, there are options that allow the business to converse individually with a client. For example, the customer has a question about how to activate an offer sent by the business, he can just reply to the sms text received and the two parties can communicate easily. The ease of communication that this form of marketing provides is the reason why it has become so popular in today’s day and age.

If used right, mass texting for business can generate a lot of profit with minimum costs endured. The goal is to market the brand and this can be done in three simple ways. Firstly, sending surprise offers. Who wouldn’t be happy to open their phone and see a discount on their favourite brands? With increasing competition in every industry, brands can use holidays like Labor Day or Independence Day as an excuse to host one-day flash sales to attract customers. That’s where the factor of time comes in. Customers will read and respond to texts much faster than they would through an email calling for a sale. By the time someone reads an email, the discount may even have expired! Secondly, customer feedback is an important component of knowing how well the business is running and If the clients are satisfied or not. Many companies send out a text after an offer has been availed by a customer asking if they are satisfied with it or not. The customer can reply with a simple yes or no, which doesn’t take up much time and effort so they are more willing to. Lastly, sending tips and reminders to customers before events can actually be appreciated. Reminders will help them plan out their schedule accordingly and feel at ease.

Statistics support the need for mass texting for businesses. Onereach has posted General Texting statistics on its website which show that 90% of the world’s population owns a phone. 97% of Americans under the age of thirty use cellphones for text messaging, and 75% of elders use their phones for texting. This goes to show that this generation is more familiar with the advanced technology, and this number is predicted to keep increasing over the years. A study showed that 70% of the respondents agreed that SMS was a good way to get their attention. All of the above-mentioned facts are reasons enough for businesses to opt for this method of marketing.


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