How to send a group text

how to send a group text

How to send a group text? is when a sender chooses more than one recipient and sends them the same message, thus reaching multiple recipients at the same time. Group texting can be used for personal purposes, like informing colleagues about work-related information, sending out a birthday invitation or for any other reason. However, this approach is used more popularly by businesses as a strategy to interact with their clients on a more personal level. It is considered a more effective approach as clients can choose to subscribe to updates and are not obligated to respond. One should be careful not to confuse group text by creating a group message. Creating a group message is done normally on a mobile device and it’s when several participants can interact with each other simultaneously. All recipients can view messages sent by an individual. In a group text message, on the other hand, recipients receive the message separately from a shortcode and their responses are received only by the sender.

How to send a group text can seem like a foreign concept, but it is not very difficult. The exact process differs from smartphone to smartphone depending if it’s an Apple device or Android. Apple has made group messaging an easy, accessible option for their users on all devices – be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac desktop computer/laptop. There are three simple steps to follow, the first of which is to open the Messages app and start a new conversation. The second step is to add the recipients’ names, and thus multiple contacts will be added. Lastly, the individual only needs to type in the text, hit send, and a group message will be formed! Now, any text can be sent to all the same recipients by opening the chat and simply typing the message, without having to choose multiple recipients all over again.

When it comes to Android, another leading smartphone software brand, knowing how to send a group message can seem a bit intimidating. To enable group messages, the sender has to enable MMS in the messaging app. Then, he or she needs to open the Contacts app and tap on the Group option, create a group name (e.g. ‘Clients’) and add all the recipients in it. This step can differ in some smartphones, but it isn’t too hard to figure out. Now that a group has been created, all that is required is typing in the message in the messaging app and selecting the group name in the recipient’s list. So, in the long run, Android phones make it easier to text everyone. Recipients can be added or removed from the group without any hassle.

In conclusion, businesses who know how to send a group text nowadays use it to interact with their clients. lists the six reasons why businesses send group text messages. These include surveys and feedback, starting multiple conversations simultaneously, reminding people of events and appointments, for follow-ups with people after events and appointments, internal communication as well as for notification and alerts. Zendesk lists the benefits of this method of interaction i.e. bulk SMS, simple scheduling, convenient and comfortable approach, proactive support and SMS Marketing. Research shows that 44% of consumers would rather receive product details and other marketing messages through text than over any other channel. Phone calls, emails, and even door-to-door promotions have become obsolete with the increasing use of smartphones. Businesses who use this approach are seen as advanced and up-to-date.

How to send a group text?

Sending a group text to your personal contacts is easy with most texting apps, but if you want to use bulk SMS to send marketing messages, try an online texting platform like Express Text to see how you can reach up to thousands of customers at once.

How do you send a group text on Android?

Online texting platforms like Express Text offer many great options for sending bulk text messages. Simply upload or add your contacts to your account, choose a pricing option (check out a free trial first), and send your texts!

How to send a group text on iPhone?

Bulk iPhone text messaging is easier than ever, since now you can use an online mass SMS platform like Express Text to send bulk marketing messages to as many or as few people on your call list as you want, even customize individual texts!

How do I send a group text to multiple contacts?

Express Text provides easy-to-use tools and powerful functionality to create groups and lists of numbers on the platform to make sure your marketing messages are getting to exactly who you want to read them.