Mobile Text Marketing

mobile text marketing

Mobile text marketing is a way for businesses to reach their customers personally about events, sales, appointment reminders, specials, new products and much more. Businesses can send a mobile text message to their clients by using a text marketing platform. Mobile text marketing is permission-based and customers have to opt-in to receive text messages. The process works by a customer texting a mobile keyword to a shortcode e.g. 80000 to receive updates on weekly Friday specials.” This is called a text to join campaign, where SUB is the keyword and 80000 is the shortcode. If a customer chooses to subscribe, they will receive updates on promotions from the business through a text message, which is called mobile text marketing.

This method of marketing reaps benefits for businesses as well as customers. For businesses, it is one of the quickest ways to get an advertisement to reach customers on a mass scale. Not only is it mass scale, but it is also personalized. Each subscribed customer receives a personal text, which enhances the image of the company in their eyes. Moreover, it is very cost-effective for businesses. Research shows that mobile text marketing is 66% less costly for business advertisements as compared to other forms of advertising. Thirdly, it is very fast. If a brand is having a 24-hour sale or discount offer, the best way to let their customers know is through mobile text marketing. A survey showed that 82% of the respondents open every text message that they receive.

In addition to this, mobile marketing is convenient for customers as well. They’ll receive the promotion without delay, which is not the case with other mediums. An example of such alternative modes that take longer include unimportant emails that are filtered so the recipient might not even read them at all. Similar to this is door-to-door marketing, where many people throw out pamphlets without even glancing at them, and even if they do receive and read them, it may be too late by then. Similarly, phone calls for marketing are usually not appreciated by customers as they can be awkward and uncomfortable. Hence, the perfect solution to this is texting. Customers prefer texts over other mediums, and with almost everyone owning a smartphone, it is a wise choice of communication for both parties, not to mention it is completely permission based so customers are not obliged to reply or receive texts that they do not wish to receive.

Every business, whether large or small, needs to update itself to this method of marketing. It is estimated that mobile advertising spending is estimated to reach about $200 billion by 2019. This is a massive amount considering how less sending out a text message costs. It goes to show how many businesses have begun to opt for this method. SMS warriors and other websites claim that mobile text marketing is the best marketing medium out there right now. It is expected that mobile use will surpass desktop computers used by a huge amount in the near future, thus rendering other mediums, even other digital marketing mediums, as obsolete.

What is the best mobile text marketing service?

The best SMS text marketing service is one which offers a broad range of features, a free trial or account to get started, flexible pricing tiers to expand your campaigns, and great customer service when you need it.

Is mobile text marketing effective?

Text message marketing is efficient and cost-effective for reaching customers, with 98% of messages opened within 3 minutes of receipt, and a 45% or higher response rate. The low cost of sending messages makes this one of the best digital marketing channels available today.

How do you do mobile text marketing?

Just open an account with an online texting platform like Express Text, sign up for a free trial account, add or upload phone numbers, create your first message and start texting customers today!

Can I send mobile text marketing to my customers?

Yes! Any business or organization can use mass SMS messaging to reach members of the public. Text marketing is opt-in only, meaning only customers who have provided their phone numbers will receive your messages, and they can opt-out of receiving them at any time.