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Best SMS Advertising

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SMS Advertising

SMS advertising is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. To receive text message specials, latest product updates, or other information, customers are usually required to opt into an automated system by texting into a shortcode. For example, they are required to send the word ‘subscribe’ to the shortcode. They will then receive a confirmation text, which let’s them know they will receive promotional text messages.

It commonly happens that people may no longer want to receive promotional messages. Luckily for them, the convenience of opting in is as easy as opting out. In most cases, all they need to do is reply ‘unsubscribe’ or “stop” to the same shortcode that they sent ‘subscribe’ to. This way, they don’t feel as if businesses are constantly badgering them. However, while the option of opting out is available to customers, research shows that 60% of consumers prefer SMS advertising over email advertising.

Any business that decides to take on advertising through SMS first needs to up with an SMS company. Many businesses also opt to outsource this method of advertising by hiring companies that offer the best SMS advertising services. This saves them the hassle of having to find an SMS company and add potential customers’ information. Some advertising agencies may even offer to track the response rate and efficiency of SMS advertising. With the increasing trend of smartphones and technology taking over our modern day lives, there is no shortage of advertising agencies. Even if the method of advertising is outsourced, businesses will not find it too costly.

SMS Advertising is the fastest way to reach customers. It is extremely useful for newly established businesses or entrepreneurs as they do not have such a large customer base as compared to established businesses that customers are already aware of, nor do they have the resources or funds to spend millions on advertising. This leads to the added benefit SMS provides – customer loyalty. When customers receive texts from their favorite brands, they will feel a sense of importance, as well as enjoy the discounts and deals offered. These customers are likely to have a good image of the business in mind, which will eventually lead to a good reputation.

The need for  SMS cannot be emphasized enough. To stay at the top of the industry and make maximum profit, businesses need to stay updated with technological advances, or they will be rendered obsolete. With these demands of the fast-moving world, businesses need to keep up and SMS is one of the many components to do that. Research carried out in 2017 showed that 23.5 million people will respond to a business text message. The same research showed that by 2020, 48.7 million people will opt-in to receive business SMS. This is quite a significant fraction of the world’s total population. Lastly, SMS Advertising on its own has the highest response rate as compared to any other form of mobile advertising. Keeping this in mind, companies should focus more on text messages than anything else.


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