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Text blast software – 4 tips to keep in mind

There are times when email marketing campaigns don’t seem to work the way you had planned them in mind. Targeted reach but few people paid attention. Send out announcements and reminders but can’t seem to make them respond to you.

Maybe it’s time to change strategies. Or maybe it’s time to try some new methods to reinforce the old?

There’s a text blast software for fast-growing companies like you. To get yourself started with SMS marketing, read these 4 things you should learn about text blast.


1. Text blast software to reinforce your SMS marketing campaigns

By definition, text blast is a text message that is sent to opted in subscribers all at once through an online text blast software. It is easy-to-use, affordable and efficient.

Let’s say you want to send out a SMS discount coupon to your VIPs. All you have to do is create a campaign on your chosen platform, select your subscribers and send your text message.

Imagine how many people keep their mobile phones with them every day? Millions! So, if you have a big market share, it’s possible that your text messages are opened and read by each of your subscribers within seconds.

a text blast software can be a great addition to your existing email marketing campaign.


2. Plenty of features you can benefit from

Run promotions, make announcements, send reminders and offer specials. These are just some of the things you can do with using a text blast software.

You can even save your templates, QR codes and web links on the platform. For instance, QR codes are especially useful in offering convenience to customers who want to skip the lines at the cinema or at concert venues.

Users can also build polls through a text blast software. It’s a useful feature that’s ideal for engaging your customers to interact with you and learn about what they like and don’t like at the same time. Monitor the results and see what you can do about it.


3. Can be a great standalone marketing tool

Aside from emails and websites, you can also get raise brand awareness and enhance your customer’s journey with text message marketing. You can reach as many target audiences as you can and get a high open rate of 98% according to mobile marketing watch.

To drive traffic to your other channels, be sure to include tiny URLs to your preferred landing pages. Links in text messages have a higher click-through-rate than online newsletters containing the same URLs.

And a high click-through-rate means an opportunity for you to convert more customers into sales.


4. Great for commercial and non-profit purposes

Non-profit organizations like the Amnesty International and World Childhood Foundation are known proponents of mobile advertising and marketing.

Text blasting in particular has helped them make sending donations easier for both new and long-term donors. Often, donors will just have to type in the amount of their donation and send it to a mobile short code.

Meanwhile, for-profit organizations use text message marketing to promote their new exclusive offers. By making these promos accessible immediately via text message, this influences your customers to not waste any time and take that special offer.

To sum it all up, a text blast software is a flexible tool that you can use to either complement your existing marketing strategies or use it as a standalone tool. It has plenty of features that will help you that competitive edge in the market.

Ready to give it a try?


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