Mobile SMS is the best tool for marketing your business


Ever wonder about what other tools you can use to strengthen your email marketing campaigns? There’s social media and blog sites to generate leads from but the advertising costs can go over your limit sometimes.

But not with mobile SMS. It is cheap, user-friendly and spam-free.

Plus, 68.4% of the US population own and maintain at least one smartphone with them as of 2017. So, if they couldn’t be bothered with your emails, you can surely get their attention by sending a text message.

Still not convinced?

According to Adobe, 98% said that they read every text message they receive. In contrast, the open rate for emails is at 20% only.

If you are looking to run a more successful email marketing campaign this year, consider adding SMS marketing into your arsenal. Want to give this a try? Keep these fast rules in mind before using mobile SMS for your email marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing is permission-based marketing

Like email, you must get your customers’ approval before you text them. Ask them to opt-in to your SMS offers by texting a keyword to your mobile short code.

If you operate a pizza parlor business, you can just use the keyword “PIZZA” to allow customers to opt-in and then ask them to send it to a 5- or 6-digit short code.

Keyword: PIZZA

Prepare an automated response to acknowledge receipt of their subscription.

Response: “You just joined Pizza NYC text list! Reply STOP PIZZA to opt-out. Msg and data rates may apply.”

Make sure that all opt-ins are always given the option to stop receiving alerts and promos from you.

Consumes less reading time (160 characters per text message only)

It’s always safe to assume that most paying customers lead a very busy life. This could be one of the reasons why they don’t have time to read lengthy emails or even open them.

Remember that you are not the only business they’ve subscribed to receive notifications and newsletters. There could be hundreds of others like you in their inbox so it pays to really have another communication channel that you can use to reach out to them efficiently.

Create a killer 160-character text message to grab their attention within seconds.

Send text messages more frequently

Because of the brief nature of mobile SMS, it’s easier for customers to open, read and even respond multiple messages per week.

You can even just send out messages containing links to your landing pages to boost your click-through-rate and conversion rate.

All you have to do set an automated text series on your chosen SMS gateway provider and let it do the work. This way, you’ll have quite a few extra time to handle your email marketing campaigns.

Again, the essential rules to getting started with mobile SMS is to collect phone numbers and get permission from your recipients. Lastly, create a text series and wait for responses to come in.

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