Social Media Strategy – Consider these 4 tips before getting started


It takes a solid social media strategy to reach out to 2.56 billion global social media users. However, implementing a strategy isn’t only about posting here and there. But you would also want to make sure that every effort, time and money you’re putting into it is worthwhile.

So, before anything else, have a look into this check list for a successful implementation of your social media marketing strategy.

Stick to your one true goal

There’s a reason why consistency is key in establishing your brand as an industry-leader.

So, if your social media strategy doesn’t match with what your overall communications strategy wants to achieve, then you’ll have a hard time getting your messages across.

It’s important to understand the reasons for each social media post you’re planning to send out. One, they should contribute something to your overall communications strategy. And two, they should help you achieve whatever it is that you’re eyeing to get in the end.

Set clear KPIs for every social media strategy

At the end of the day, you will want to know if your efforts are paying off. One way to measure success is by establishing your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Here are the four major KPIs you should be focus on:

  • Customer engagement – interactions, impressions and traffic
  • Audience reach – how many users saw your post
  • Leads – number of users who are interested in transacting with you
  • Conversion rates – sales, app downloads, subscriptions

Content and post scheduling

Is your content strong enough to engage your target audience?

To position yourself well in social media, create shareable content that your audience can relate to. Try to find out what type of content and in what format does your audience likely prefer to see from you.

Are they fond of live stories? Do they love reading helpful blogs and news? Or, are they the type who enjoy sharing visually compelling photos?

And of course, set a schedule and automate it so you don’t have to miss anything.

Keep an eye on your top competitors

Social media is a very competitive marketplace. So, whoever’s always on top of their game must be doing something right. Pay attention to these organizations and learn from them.