10 Best SMS Marketing Statistics (Infographic)

sms marketing statistics

SMS Marketing Statistics: 10 statistics you need to know

SMS marketing continues to earn its place in the digital marketing landscape with its steady growth and ability to deliver high ROI.

In fact, here are the top 10 SMS marketing statistics to back up such claims. These numbers show that SMS can be an effective marketing channel that you should consider adding to your overall marketing and communications strategy.

1. 75% of cellular phones worldwide are SMS-enabled. Experts also expect that this trend will continue to rise to 90% within this decade. Therefore, businesses are encouraged to build their own SMS marketing campaigns to take advantage of this growth.

2. Americans have developed a habit of using texting apps on a cell at least once a day, making it one of the widely used apps.

3. Based on research done by eMarketer, cell phone users prefer to book reservations (31%), set appointments (32%), and check order status (38%) via text messaging.

4. In 2017, SMS marketing tools and techniques contributed 40% of revenue growth to marketers, according to BIA/Kelsey.

5. Push messages and geotagging are considered to be a valuable SMS feature, according to 70% of consumers.

6. More than 40% of consumers prefer to receive marketing promos through SMS over any other communication channels.

7. Almost 80% of cell users expect text message marketing promos to help them in making buying decisions while they shop around.

8. 50% of consumers respond well to business SMS like QR codes and discount coupons, so well that they make direct purchases after receiving those text promos.

9. The redemption rates of mobile coupons, especially when sent via SMS, are 10X higher than printed coupons. Mobile coupon redemption can also keep consumers engaged, and thus, can increase consumer retention.

10. 90% of consumers who opted to receive promos and alerts via SMS benefited greatly from joining such programs, according to Hipcricket.

There you have it – the 10 SMS marketing statistics you need to know. The exponential growth of smartphones over the years have definitely made text messaging the most prevalent mobile activities people do.

With that, consider running SMS campaigns along with your other marketing methods to drive business growth and profit.