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Short Code Text Messages: what is it and how do you get started?

Short code text messages is used by businesses to run a text messaging campaign. They use a 5-6 digit number through which they send short code text messages in bulk to subscribed customers. Businesses can also create a text to join campaign and if the customers are interested, they join a companies list by following the given instructions. Text to join campaigns include a keyword and a short code. The short code is the 5-6 digit phone number e.g. ‘87678′ and the keyword is the word customers are required to text to the short code to opt-in, e.g. ‘Subscribe.’

Every business has a unique keyword. If one business uses the word ‘cupcake’ as the keyword, then no other business can use that. This is done so that customers do not get confused when subscribing to a campaign and it is clear to them what they are subscribing to. The question is, how do businesses send these short code text messages? The first step is to build a database. A business needs to collect a list of customers who they feel can be potential clients or likely to respond. They save their information in a database and get registered a short code texting service that provide them with a shared short code, and set up a unique keyword that is relevant to their business. Through this, they can message their customers and ask them to sign up for promotional offers, discounts and so on.

It is astounding how effective such a simple and inexpensive marketing technique can be. There are customers who are genuinely interested in receiving updates from brands they like, and they will appreciate such texting campaigns, thus improving the image of the business in their mind.

However, short code text messages are not only limited to setting up a database. Businesses can use other ways to attract customers to sign up for their SMS text to join campaigns. Strutt & Parker, an infamous US estate agent company put up a billboard advertising their company, and on that billboard, they also displayed a short code. The good thing about a short code is that it is short, so it’s easy for people to remember if they see it while driving by and they can easily sign up later. Secondly, the shorter and concise information is, the more likely people are to opt in.

Businesses can purchase short codes at the U.S Short Code Directory, or a short code texting service will assign a shared short code for you. This directory is also a useful place for customers to look up which business owns which short code.

The amount of establishments and companies dedicated to providing short codes and keywords shows how common texting has become. On average, a text message is read in less than 5 seconds and 97% of Americans text at least once every day. People exchange 2 times as many texts as they do calls. This is why efficient businesses have started text marketing campaigns with short code text messages to increase their customer base and maintain customer loyalty. If you have a business, it’s not too late to sign up with a short code texting service, smartphones and text messages are taking over the world!


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