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Text blast marketing: effective and affordable way to reach consumers

Text blast marketing is one of the many effective strategies that companies use to reach consumers directly. A text blast is a text message sent to a large group of people simultaneously through a text message marketing platform. It is the most effective way to spread a message on a mass scale within a short span of time.

Even apart from businesses, other organizations provide text blasting services to reach people as well e.g. a local church, political party, football team (to those who have joined them) or even emergency alert systems in case of emergencies. This goal is to get a message out quickly and instantly.

Focusing on businesses using text blast marketing, smartphone ownership has doubled in the US in just the last 5 years and nowadays everyone has access to texting with most major carriers. Text Blast Marketing is preferred through SMS where everyone who owns a phone can reach it immediately without the dependence on a good phone or a Wi-Fi connection. Especially in an emergency situation, an establishment sending out mass text blasts will not have to worry about data networks getting overloaded and crashing.

Sending a text blast is easy. If it is web-based, all it requires is signing up for an account with an sms company. SMS companies are online companies that provides mass texting. Once an account is made and logged into, the business can upload their subscriber list, type in the message and hit send. Their subscribed contacts will receive a message within minutes and any replies will be sent back to the platform the text was sent through. Some sms companies allow businesses a free trial period to get familiar with the service or either charge them a monthly fee from the start. The best SMS marketing software available is web-based, and a person managing a business’s account does not need to sit at their computer all day long to check for replies or spikes in engagement. He can just log in from any device that can be connected to the internet – including his personal mobile phone.

The benefits that text blast marketing reaps for businesses are innumerable. It is so effective because 90% of people keep their phone within reach at all times. This leads to faster open rates, as 94% of text messages are opened and read within the first 3 minutes, which is way higher than any other traditional marketing tools. Secondly, it is a method of communication that the common man is familiar with. Companies are not required to learn a special technology or skill to use text blast marketing. Last but not least, the cost of sending a text blast is minimal for businesses, especially established ones. Web based texting companies offer free trial periods to businesses or either provide a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option which is very inexpensive, hence for the first time providing companies with a method of advertising that is cost-effective, fast and efficient all at the same time.


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