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Mass Text Message

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A mass text message is a popular method of sending out text messages to a large number of users simultaneously. Businesses use mass text to send out permission-based, promotional text messages to potential customers and existing clients. The purpose of this is to create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Sending a mass text message is a simple and effective solution to decrease the financial burdens and resources on marketers when advertising their brand. This is extremely beneficial for smaller businesses that do not make as much revenue as well established businesses which can spend a decent amount of money on marketing. Mass texting is extremely affordable while still providing good results. The process is quite simple as well. Users send a specific keyword to the brand’s shortcode (recipient number) in order to opt into the SMS service to receive promotional text messages. Statistics show that by 2020, 48.7 million consumers will have opted in to receive business SMS. SMS marketing has rendered other methods obsolete as it is faster, direct, more intimate and to the point. Due to the 160 character word limit in business SMS, only the most important information can be included. This makes it easier for users to read and respond to text messages.

Consumers these days are addicted to their cell phones. Results of recent research showed that 92% of US cellphone owners use their phones even when out shopping. This is an alarmingly number but it works in favor of businesses as it makes mass text messaging all the more effective. However, there are still some ethical and legal guidelines that companies need to follow when operating text marketing services. They need to ensure that users are aware of the fact that they can willingly opt in and opt out of the service at any given point. The method of opting out is also simple; users just need to send a specific keyword e.g. ‘Unsubscribe’ to the same shortcode through which they opted into the service. Moreover, it has now become legally binding that companies ask for permission before sending out any kind of promotional or other text, otherwise they will be unnecessarily spamming the user which not only leaves a poor impression on the brand’s image but the user has the right to take legal action against the brand. These are some of the few setbacks that can occur if a business is not careful when conducting mass text messaging.

Luckily, a mass text message comes with more benefits than disadvantages. It greatly increases user interaction, thus reflecting on brand image positively and in the long run, increasing profits. Especially when online shopping, SMS is a great way to keep the customer updated on the confirmation, shipment, status, and arrival of the order. It keeps the customer more at ease, increasing chances of him/her being satisfied with the purchase and recommending the brand to others. There is no technologically advanced equipment or skilled workforce required to operate a mass text message, which is why it is so popularly used by every kind of business.


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