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Mass texting service: effective method to increase customer loyalty

Mass texting service is a permission-based marketing tool used by businesses to send out promotional text messages to a large number of users simultaneously. However, it is not only limited to businesses as it is used by various organizations for a variety of purposes.

Some of the main uses of a mass texting service include sending out updates, security threats, health awareness messages, event reminders and so on. For businesses specifically, text message services are used for sending discounts and offers, updates (e.g. for new collections), brand awareness and much more.

Mass texting for businesses has become the most effective method to increase customer loyalty as well as increase customer base. Research shows that SMS marketing is way ahead of any other digital or mobile advertising method. This is because 98% of the world’s population has a cell phone device that is capable of receiving text messages whereas only 68% of the population owns a mobile device that is internet enabled. This significantly increases the gap in response rates and the effectiveness of methods such as email and social media marketing. This explains why 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes as opposed to emails where only 22% are opened in the same amount of time.

A Mass texting service proves to be quite handy when the situation at hand is time sensitive, be it out of the retail industry or within it. A good example would be government departments sending out emergency text alerts to a town or community where a hurricane is likely to strike within the next few days so that they can evacuate immediately. Similarly, in the retail industry, situations may not be life-threatening but users sure do love a good sale! If a business is slow in a certain week, a brand can have a flash sale. Introducing limited time offers to increase the chances of consumers availing them as they will have in mind that the offer ends soon. Similarly, a startup business can use A mass texting service to create brand awareness and attract customers to the brand. Contacting users directly on their cellphones is a more intimate and personalized method of marketing which can be another reason behind its increasing popularity.

Unfortunately, nothing comes without its downsides. Organizations need to be very careful when sending out texts by conducting SMS campaigns to allow users to opt-in to receive text messages willingly. A brand must also make sure to make it clear to the user that they may opt out of the service if they wish to do so. These are some of the rules and regulations which every business must abide by as per the law (varying in each country) so as to protect the privacy and rights of consumers as well as the business itself. In the long run, this does benefit the business as users appreciate being asked for permission instead of being spammed. They are likely to perceive the business in a positive light if it puts the customer first.


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