Church Texting Ideas

church texting ideas

When it comes to church outreach, a church needs to find effective methods to communicate with its members. This is why it is necessary for churches to come up with church texting ideas which can increase its followers while making old members regular visitors to the church. These texting ideas work similarly to marketing techniques that businesses apply to increase customer’s loyalty and sales at the same time. A church also needs to grow so it can remain an integral part of the society therefore, the importance of using text messaging for church outreach has increased.

Mass Text Messaging

When it comes to sending a message across to a large number of people, mass text messaging is one of the best church texting ideas. A church can send messages to its followers with just a single click. This method is very cost-effective and it has made it one of the most popular marketing methods for businesses as well. Text messages can be customized and personalized for followers and members so that they feel important and special. With bulk messages, it is much easier for a church to gain attention since people are always using their mobile phones every day. Research shows that 98% of the text messages sent are opened within 3 minutes after being received by the recipient. This makes it one of the most effective techniques for church outreach.  

Compared to other conventional methods such as; distributing flyers to people, advertising in newspapers and making public announcements. Text messaging is more convenient. These messages are a direct form of communication with the church followers and can be modified according to the situation. Text messages are a way of asking people to attend church events and reminding them of sermons. Without making extra effort to gain church followers, a church can now get the attention it requires to expand itself. Also, old followers and new members remain updated with any activity taking place at the church  


It is easy to send short reminders for church events and activities through text messages. Text blasts can be sent to members a day or two before any event for them to remember to attend the event. These reminder shows that the church is updated technologically and it also keeps a check on all followers. Customers of a business are similar to the followers of a church because both want to feel important and text messages can achieve that. Text messages are a way to ensure a larger number of attendance and positive feedback from followers which can help the church grow. Quick reminder is the perfect way to get the attention of people within a short period. A church can send out short reminders to its followers about a special Mass taking place on Sunday so that people can be reminded and also prepare for it.  

Cancellation alerts 

A church might be regular with its prayers and sermons, but there can be a situation where the church would need to cancel or postpone a service due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, mass text messaging is of great help to the church to alert the followers of the cancellation or postponement of the service. This way, followers would not have to go through the hassle of going to the church only to find out that the sermon has been cancelled. These messages can be personalized by addressing the recipient and telling them about the change of events. A church can send a text blast to inform all followers that the sermon has been postponed to a later time due to bad weather conditions.  

Driving traffic 

A church does not need one source to expand its horizon and this can be achieved through various platforms such as Emails, social media accounts and even its own website. One of the church texting ideas is to drive traffic towards these sources to make church outreach more effective. Adding links and information about these sources increases the interest of recipients towards these platforms and also makes it easier for them to open the pages directly. The church can simply ask the followers to like the Facebook page by adding a link in the text messages sent to them. By using smart phones, people can now access any page and website easily. A church does not need attention towards one of its marketing platforms, but needs focus from all aspects and this is exactly what can be achieved through text messaging.  

Express Text 

According to research in 2014, 81% of the Americans who were not using a smart phone were using Short Messaging Service (SMS) as a way to communicate with others. Due to this rise in usage of text messaging as a mode of communication, churches can now utilize the service to contact their members and followers and spread their message across the globe.  

Express Text works as a message service provider for businesses and can also be used by churches to communicate with their contact list. Service providers like Express Text help companies to market themselves to the masses without going through any trouble. With the low costs attached and multiple services available, Express Text works as a great church texting idea. Without any setup fees and extra charges, Express Text provides the lowest charges for any business or company to avail its services without breaking the bank.  

Features used through Express Text 

The main benefit of this service provider is that a church can carry out all of its functions conveniently. An entire contact list can be uploaded on the server which can be accessed by the church at any time. This list can help modify and personalize text messages for the management and followers. The pastors and priests can be separated under a VIP category so the church can send only exclusive texts to the senior members of the church without sending them individually. Moreover, with the help of such a contact list, a church can identify its regular followers and give them special attention. Also, creating a calendar on the server can keep the church updated about upcoming events that it can save and remember. Using Express Text, a church can mark the calendar for a special sermon right before Christmas which can also help it schedule reminder messages for the followers.  


Charity is a key feature of any church and text messaging is a great way of asking people to donate to the church for good causes. By sending a simple text message to followers, a church can ask them to donate some amount for orphanages, youth groups, old houses and the homeless. Since a church is a religious light for the community, it can send guiding and relevant messages to people such as Biblical quotes about how donations and charity bind a society together. If a youth group is going to clean the streets and needs equipment, the church can send a text message asking people to donate so the required equipment can be bought to help the society at large.  


A church is only strong when people frequently visit it and follow the teachings of the church. Thus, it becomes necessary for the church to contact people and ask them what they feel about the church and what they want the church to address in the upcoming sermons. A great way for church outreach is to make people feel like they are a part of the church. Which is why, text messages act as the perfect mode of communication between the church and the society, to know what people want to listen to. A church can send mass text messages to people in the community about serious topics that should be discussed at the next sermon such as family values, education and so on. People can then respond accordingly after which the church can choose the topic chosen by the majority. This increases the turnout at the church sermons and also increases attentiveness of the people towards an interesting topic under discussion.  


For church texting ideas to work, they have to be unique and creative so followers and other people are attracted to attending church. Text messages such as reminders and cancellations shows followers that the church actually cares about the people and gives them the appropriate attention as well. A church is not just about preaching religion but about creating a bond within and with the society and that is the message that any church can get across to people with simple text messages. Bulk messaging or mass text messaging is the best way to reach out to people and send them a message. Be it a reminder for a Mass the next day or a simple quote to have a good day, these messages create a connection between the church and the people. Members and followers of the church can be updated regularly and other people who are part of the community can be notified about any emergency quickly. Texting is the most convenient and cheapest method for church outreach.