bulk text messaging – 3 reasons why you should start texting your customers


When there’s too much competition in the market, the road to the top becomes too tough. You can be unique and more authentic than the rest but with outdated marketing strategies, these good qualities fall on deaf ears.

A unique marketing strategy can go a long way. And it doesn’t have to be very expensive. Bulk text messaging is easy to use, cheap, and doesn’t require any coding experience. More and more entrepreneurs are using text message marketing as an effective strategy to communicate to their customers regularly.

Here are some other factors that makes bulk text messaging effective.

Send a group text

Bulk text works great in group situations. If you want to invite a large group of employees to attend a company event, all you have to do is send that text message blast once.

Increase business growth and profit

As you gain more quality leads, you’re likely to convert more sales through platforms that they can’t live without – a mobile phone. Straight through their inboxes, send text promos and alerts that are worth their time and money.

This is why it’s also important to customize your text messages based on your target customer’s behavior, demographics, and interests. If a particular group prefers to receive alerts related to private sale events, organize one (e.g. days prior to Black Friday Sale) and send the alert through a web-based bulk text messaging platform.


A good bulk text company should have the resources to meet your ever-changing needs. It’s great that your business is growing fast, but it’s important to remember that this is also one of the reasons why some businesses fail. They can’t keep up with the immense (often times unforeseen) growth that they don’t have the financial and technical resources to adapt to it.

If you ever find the need to send SMS to 1000 customers per day or per month, a good service provider should be able to offer you customizable options or upgrades. Bulk text messaging can be customized based on what you need right now as well as in the near future.