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best sms

Text messaging commonly known as Best SMS is one of the best and easiest ways to communicate with people across the world. SMS marketing has gained a lot of popularity from businesses in the past few years, which is why most of them are now trying to focus on adopting SMS strategies to increase sales. SMS marketing has gained popularity due to the low price attached to it, SMS marketing is very affordable. It targets a large audience in a very short period of time. Both small and large businesses need a strong marketing strategy to gain success in the market. With high competition in the consumer market, it is necessary for a business to stand out, and it can only be achieved by adopting a competitive text messaging strategy.  

Benefits of SMS Marketing 

After various researches, it has been concluded that 98% of the text messages sent are received and opened within 3 minutes by the recipient. Hence, it is a faster and widely accepted form of communication which can be sent to a lot of people at the same time or to a specific targeted audience. Once a business chooses to have the best text messaging service for its customers and signs up with a service provider, the cost of this technique continues to decrease overtime. With specially customized messages for clients, a business can really set itself apart from other competitors in the market.  

Express Text 

Express text messages are a type of messaging which are used to relay short and important information to clients within a short period of time. Such messages are usually used to inform customers about new products and offers. A company can send an express text to its customers to notify them of a 50% discount during Christmas holiday by sending “XMAS” to a short code. Express texts are fast, convenient, and it is a direct form of communicating with clients.  

Customized Text Messaging 

Text messages can be customized easily for each customer, in order to attract them towards the brand or business. Customized messages for customers makes them feel special and appreciated. While text messages should be short and straight to the point, addressing the customer with their names at the beginning of the message creates more impact. During its marketing campaign, a business should choose customized messages for its clients in order to receive positive response from them. Clients can be categorized into different groups such as gender, location and other forms. If a company should set up a business on the West side of town, it will only target customers living in that area. This would show the customers that the company is aware of their information and has reached out to them only.

Create an SMS Marketing Team 

Before launching a business, it is necessary to create a strong marketing team. An SMS marketing team plays an important role in deciding the kind of advertisement a business needs. Which is why, it is important to choose a professional team for marketing. With creative designers, analysts, program experts and marketing specialists, a business can get the best marketing team to launch itself to the public. Effective marketing strategies can only be successful with a proper SMS marketing team. A business should create the best team as compared to its competitors before launching its products and services in the market. A budget decides the kind of team a company can get but a company should always be keen on spending more towards its marketing strategies.  

Short Code

A short code is used for text messaging and it is usually 5 to 6 digits long. This short codes are used to send messages to customers to inform them of special offers or relay specific information within a certain period of time. Short code is used in the replace of a phone number, but only to send text messages. A company can use the short code ‘45454’ to send a text message to customers to inform them of a 45% discount for 2 days by sending ‘DSC’ to the short code 45454. The short code helps in differentiating the text message from other messages or businesses and it attracts more attention because of the uniqueness of the number. A company can choose its short code and use it to send such information to customers with just one click. Also, a business can decide which category of customers to send the message to. For example, old customers can get a message of 45% discount and new customers can get a message of 20% discount.

No Internet  

While internet has taken over most aspects of our daily lives, text messages can easily operate without internet connection. Running on just a short code, text messages can be sent out through mobile phones without the need of an internet connection. Short codes are used as numbers which are used to send text messages to customers. This means that no matter where the customers are, it is easy to get the message across with the help of text messaging platforms like Express text. Express text messaging works without an internet connection which is why any sudden announcement can easily be passed across to the customer. If a shoe company is hosting an event and due to bad weather conditions have decided to move to an indoor venue, they can easily send an express text. This express text is quick, and easy.  It informs the customers of the change in venue and plans without worrying about late delivery.

Automated Responses

Express text messages are used by companies to have the better SMS marketing system than their competitors. However, an important part of these express texts is the automatic or automated responses sent to the clients. These text messages are written down before hand to be sent to customers if they perform a particular action. If a customer places an online order for clothes, the clothing company can send an automated response telling the customer that their order has been received and would be delivered to them within 3 working days. A key to track the order number can also be sent along with the automated response. To get the automated response, a company can simply install the message in their system with the number and customer name changing automatically.  

Promote Other Marketing Methods

One of the perks of using a marketing technique such as; SMS marketing is that companies can advertise other marketing methods such as their Facebook page and official website. Customers look for incentives and advantages of being associated with a brand. Which is why text messages can be used strategically to attract them to sign up on the official website. An express text is mostly useful in such instances. A perfume manufacturing company can send an express text to its old and potential customers asking them to sign up to the official website and informing them of a 40% discount immediately. In addition, the company can add a hyperlink to make it easier for customers to access the website or Facebook page. Such a technique is perfect to increase followers on the website and on Facebook while promoting the business through express text.

Build Connection with Customers

The best SMS marketing technique looks to build a long-lasting relationship with its customers. Express text and mass text messaging work as the perfect communication method in order to build this relationship with customers. While being a direct form of communication, text messages can be personalized for customers to make them feel special. A company can store necessary information about a client in its system like their date of birth. On their birthday, the company can send a customized text message to the customer, addressing them by their name and wishing them a happy birthday. Furthermore, to increase customer loyalty and strengthening the relationship with the customer, the company can offer the customer a special discount on a few items on their special day. This special treatment towards the customers attracts them towards the business and also increases their loyalty towards it. 

Customer Feedback

While marketing, Express Text Messaging is the best way to attract customers, another way to make them feel important is by asking them for their opinion. Customer feedback helps the customers provide important suggestions or criticism regarding the products and their services, while also promoting high quality in the business. After a customer buys a product from a clothing store, they can be sent an express text asking them to provide their feedback by sending a number between 1 and 10 to rate the products.  

Conclusion for Best SMS

A company requires strong marketing techniques and SMS marketing is one of them. With a high opening rate and it’s being accessible to everyone, text messaging is the best solution for promoting a business. To improve text message marketing, you have to make sure your business have the best marketing techniques compared to other competitors in the market. It is important to look at the different aspects talked about such as; customer feedback, customized messages, and automated responses. Customers want incentives which Best SMS can provide and attract them to buy products and services from the brand or company. The aim is to make the customer feel special and important while promoting the business. 

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