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text advertisement

Majority of the people in this present age now tend to communicate through text messages, text advertisement has become a common way for businesses to send their message across to customers and people. Text messages are easy to send and they also save time. With people using their phones most of the times, it is easier to send them a text message which they can read quickly. Businesses have also started shifting to this medium of communication to market their products and services without spending a lot of money.

Mass Text Messaging 

Sending text messages to a large number of people is known as mass text messaging or bulk messaging. After typing out one message, a business can send the message to many people with just one click. Using the services of a service provider, the process of mass text messaging becomes easy. The best part about using mass text messaging as a way to advertise a business or product is that it requires no internet connection. A text message can be sent or received without using the internet, no matter where the recipient is, which has made it one of the most popular methods of marketing for businesses.

Express Text 

To make it easy and convenient for companies to send mass messages to customers, service providers like Express Text have come up with various features. Any company or business can register itself with Express Text and then upload its entire contact list on their system. After this, a company can either send text messages to all the contacts on the list or to a specific category. Express Text provides services at very low costs and does not charge setup fees to businesses. With multiple features and even a free trial, Express Text has become the ultimate support for text advertisement for businesses. All that a company needs to do is, type a message and then send it to the customers with one click.


Express Text comes with multiple features for its customers so that they can provide the best services to their customers. The most important one is the convenience feature which is then divided into other categories. Help videos allows companies to understand how the system works. A tutorial and help video is uploaded so businesses using the services can understand how the process works. In addition, Express Text provides a mobile application that businesses can use to send text messages without using a computer. Easy contact upload is also one feature where companies can upload their contact lists so they know who to send the messages to without going through much trouble. Companies can also divide the contacts into groups, so they can send some text messages to only some categories. For instance, a business holding an event for its 10th anniversary would prefer inviting the old customers and clients rather than sending an invitation through text to its entire contact list. Billing is also convenient and easy to do with the use of Express Text. The service provider simply sends the bill with all the details to the company so they know what they are paying for exactly. Using these convenience features helps businesses to advertise and market themselves easily because the emphasis of the service is to make text advertisements convenient for users of Express Text.

Organization Features

Companies can upload their contact lists on the Express Text system which helps them send text messages to a number of people at the same time. However, there are many instances where text messages need to be sent to only a group of people. For such cases, the organization feature of Express Text allows grouping of contacts to be done, so businesses can send texts to a certain group of people without having to separate contacts individually. This grouping can be done according to age, gender, location, birthday, signup date or even new and old clients. If a company is providing discounts to its customers on their birthdays, it can group the contacts accordingly and send them a text offering them a 10% discount on their special day. This feature makes customization and personalization of text messages easy to do. Market campaigns that are specific to one group only are also convenient with the help of grouping under Express Text.

Managing Contacts

Under organization features, there falls a category of contact management which helps businesses to modify and customize their text messages for clients. Marketing campaigns for customers are given a personal touch with the use of contact management. Information regarding the clients is stored in the system through which the company can search using some keywords and then using them to send customized text messages. If a company needs to wish its clients a Merry Christmas by addressing them all with their names, it will use this feature. Also, if a company is opening its franchise in another location, it will search customers using the location name and send them a text message informing them of this update so they can visit the store conveniently. 

Another way to use organization feature with the help of Express Text is to schedule messages for a later time through the calendar on the system. These messages can be edited or reviewed as well allowing businesses to make small changes if necessary. If a company is sending an event invitation to its customers but the date is postponed to next week, it can use the help of the calendar to edit the time and date in the scheduled message. This way the customers remain updated and are given the right information at the right time.

Communication Features

Text messages are the basic way to communicate with customers in today’s time which is why Express Text also focuses on this aspect. While normal text messages consist of 120 to 140 characters only, Express Text offers a single text message of 320 characters so businesses can relay their messages to their customers without worrying about the limit. If a business needs to send a list of items added to their store, this feature will be helpful since it can inform customers about the new items without breaking up the text message in different parts.  

In addition, Express Text also allows a 2-way messaging feature which is most beneficial for an interactive communication with clients. Companies can send messages to clients asking for their feedback or to rate their services between 1 and 10. Through this, customers can then respond to provide their positive feedback or even make queries through text messaging. A company can send a text message to customers asking them if they are attending a concert organized by their company, the customers can then respond back with a yes or no to help the company know how many guest they are expecting at the event.

Account Monitoring

After sending multiple messages to people in their contact lists, companies can also receive delivery reports stating that all contacts have received the text message. These delivery reports helps to keep track of the messages being sent at various times during marketing campaigns of companies. To know how customers are reacting to the marketing campaign and different messages being sent. companies are given an inbox where different replies of the customers are stored. Through this feature, the company will know exactly what the customers are looking for and whether they are satisfied with the marketing campaign or not. When customers respond to the feedback text messages, providing their insight, the text messages are sent directly to the company’s inbox where it can review and go through the messages at any time it wishes to. A restaurant will go through its inbox to see what its customers are saying regarding their food and services and then improve quality accordingly. Express Text also focuses on text to join features which provides the customers with more information regarding the company while also retaining important information about them. Businesses can use this feature to send short links to their website for customers to know where they can subscribe to the business after filling out a survey form. Through this form, information of the customer such as their location, gender, birthday and so on can be gathered and then used for marketing campaigns at a later time.


Express Text is one of the most convenient and easy to use service provider through which businesses and companies can send text messages to their customers without going through any lengthy procedure. With the help of multiple features on Express Text, text advertisement has become a better form of marketing than other methods. It is necessary that customers feel attracted to the business and that is exactly what Express Text helps businesses to achieve. Apart from using text messages as a simple way of communicating with customers, they can be used to send reminders, promotion codes and birthday greetings which increases brand loyalty amongst customers. Since customers and clients look for special treatment from businesses, it is important that new methods to market a business are used with time to attract customers.