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mass text service for business

An important part of marketing is SMS marketing, most commonly known as a mass texting service. Not only is this marketing method affordable, but it also helps in targeting a large audience at the same time. This method helps in gaining the attention of customers easily with effective short text messages sent to them. However, to increase the effectiveness of this marketing technique, it is best for any business to have the best mass texting service available. This sets it apart from competitors in the market while creating an impact on the clients.

Benefits of mass texting

While many other marketing methods exist that may help to boost the growth of a business, bulk text messages are preferred. According to a study, 98% of the text messages end up being read by recipients within a time period of 5 seconds only. On the other hand, emails tend to have only a 20% average opening rate. Knowing these statistics, it is better to rely on a marketing technique which is largely impactful and quick.

Boosting business

Text messages are the easiest way to reach customers in a short span of time. Express texts are used to convey certain information to customers. For Thanksgiving, a shoe company can send express text messages to its clients to avail a 25% discount over shoes simply by texting a keyword like TG to a short code number like 545454. These text messages end up being a direct way of communicating with the customers which also gives them a sense of personal relationship with the business.

No internet required

While methods such as social media and emails require an internet connection, express text service does not need any such thing. Mass text messages can be sent to customers from anywhere and do not require the recipient to have internet access either. This means, that customers can be updated on short notice without the need for a lengthy procedure or internet. If a clothing company is hosting a fashion show and the weather requires a change of venue, sending a text blast to all guests would be the best option. Such things can make the business known for its best mass texting service in the market.

Customized messages

When it comes to express text messages, they need to be short yet make the customer feel special or build a personal relationship with them. A business should opt for this method during their marketing campaigns by customizing messages for clients according to their categories. With the help of a professional marketing team, customers can be categorized according to their gender, locations, and ages. For customers living in Eastwood town, an express text message can be sent for delivery services by a clothing business.

Automated responses

Being a feature of mass texting, automated responses are a quick way to reply to customers. To market a business, it is necessary to let the customer know that they are cared for. An automated response is a way to let to them that the company received their message. These responses are computerized and are sent immediately after a customer sends a text message. If a customer places an order online for some artificial jewelry, a text message will be automatically sent to the customer providing them details of their order. This shows the customer that the business is not only technologically savvy but also has an efficient fast service.

Market potential

With an infinite number of mobile phones being used all around, there are no limits to exploit market potential. Mass text messages can be sent to potential customers to get official membership of the company. Without the need to find the target audience, these mass texts can be sent by a business to increase customers while providing incentives. A new small business of handmade leather items can send express text messages to potential customers to join their official members’ group to avail discounts round the year.

Establishing connections with clients

The best mass texting service of a company will make sure that the customers feel a personal connection with it. Using express mass texts, this can be achieved easily. Keeping track of customers and their special days helps. A customized perfume company can keep a record of an old client’s birthday and send an express birthday text message while offering a 20% discount on their special day. This increases customer loyalty and markets the products easily as well.

Marketing website through text messages

Text Message Marketing can also be used to market the business’s official website. A link to the website can be added in text blast written for customers. This is marketing within marketing. A clothing company while providing offers to customers can paste a link in the text message being sent. Along with this, an incentive such as a free discount coupon can be given to make sure that the customer opens the official website link.

Feedback platform

Mass texting can be used to get customer feedback through ratings or surveys sent as text messages. A courier company can send mass texts to clients that had deliveries placed about how good or bad their service was by asking the customers to send a number between 1 and 10. This improves the quality of the service while also allowing customers to provide quick and effective feedback.


Express text is considered to be one of the best mass texting services and it can be used by any small or big business to counter other strong competitors in the market. The best available texting service for a company will include all features that ensure an increase in customers and sales. Moreover, this method is easy on the pocket while also helping the business grow. Such a way is required to reach out to both old and new clients in the market while providing them with the attention that others in the market do not. A mass text message service has the ability to send the message to a large number of people in a short amount of time. Moreover, there is a higher chance of them being received and read by recipients. Since the characters in a text message are limited it is important to keep the content short and attractive at all times for the customers to read.

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