Bar Marketing Ideas

bar marketing ideas

Just like any business that needs promotion in the market, a bar requires proper marketing strategies as well. When there is high competition in the market, a bar needs to make its place to become a popular choice among people. Just like marketing is done for other companies and businesses, it can be done for bars. To make bars stand out from others around them, the right marketing techniques should be used. Text messaging, email marketing, social media marketing and local SEO act as perfect bar marketing ideas

Text message marketing

Text messages have become a really popular form of communication in recent times. Compared to other marketing methods, text messaging has a lower cost tag attached to it. Mass text messaging is not only cheap but also ends up targeting a large number of people. For a bar to become successful, regular text messages sent to people are necessary. For this, a good service provider is helpful where all contacts can be updated in the system while some random numbers can also be found out. Then the bar can choose a message to be sent to either its entire contact list or categorize them according to various types. 

98%of the text messages sent are known to be received and opened within 3 minutes only which makes it one of the most successful marketing strategies for bars. With a limitation of only 160 characters in a text message it is necessary to keep the message short yet informative. Messages being sent to the client should be clear with no grammatical errors to put forth a good image of the bar. Mass messaging cab be used to promote the bar by sending messages to customers about special offers and events happening at the bar. When launching, a bar can send out text messages to people inviting them to a free drink on the house, on the first day of the bar. With customers looking for incentives to go to a bar, such offers attract a large number of people. Birthday reminders through text messages are also a great marketing method. On a customer’s birthday the bar send them a short message wishing them and inviting them for a fun night at the bar with a 5% discount on their meal. 

Updating customers about events

Event marketing is another way to attract people to a bar. A bar can host small events such as exclusive parties hosted by celebrities or a sing off or even a small fashion show within the bar. When hosting such events, the bar can send out text messages to all its customers inviting them to the event while also offering free tickets to the first 20 visitors to the bar each day. Hosting events brings both small and big bars in the limelight especially if the events turn out to be a huge success. With such events taking place it is important to keep customers updated and reminding them a day before the event. Mass text messaging is the perfect way to send reminders to customers about the event or even informing them about sudden changes regarding the event. If a bar is hosting a small concert and the singer needs the event to be postponed to a day later, the bar can send out mass text messages to its customers telling them about the postponing of the concert. Customers prefer being updated about changes so they can alter their plans accordingly. With this technique, the bar increases its customer loyalty and attracts potential customers as well. 

Email marketing

Promotional emails are a popular marketing method and can be used to reach out to people in a small amount of time. Offers and promotions are best communicated through emails. When sending out promotional emailsit is important to make sure that they don’t end up in the spam folders of people. Sending out exclusive emails to a few customers also helps in promoting the bar and its events. If a bar is hosting a special Ladies’ Night, emails should only be sent out to female customers in the bar’s contact list. Targeting during a marketing campaign of a bar increases ROI by 15 timesmaking the marketing campaign a huge success and increasing the number of customers at the bar. Moreover, promotional emails can also invite customers to avail discounts or a free drink by subscribing to the Facebook page of the bar. While marketing the Facebook page of the bar, this technique also attracts people to avail free drinks immediately. 

Uber eats

Uber is one of the applications that is gaining popularity while introducing new ventures to the public. Uber eats is a branch of Uber which allows people to get food and drinks delivered to their footstep but rather than getting an ordinary delivery service, they can order through Uber. Similar to getting a ride booked through the application, people can book their food at the time they need it and receive it at their location. A bar can register itself in Uber eats to make itself prominent to people who prefer getting their food and drink delivered. A bar wishes to gain attention and becoming one of the first options for customers and Uber eats is the perfect way to do so. After registering itself with Uber eats, a bar can deliver its products to customers easily. Whenever a customer opens the application, the bar will show up as an option, making the customer order from it. 

Local SEO

SEO has been used to advertise businesses and companies from a long time. with people accessing the internet on a regular basis, Search Engine Operations provide the perfect opportunity to small bars to make it to the top list on the internet search. Using keywords such as drinks, food, fun or offers, a bar can post small articles introducing its culture to the masses at large. Even reviews can be added to the local SEOs so when people search for bars or fun places to go, the top options on the search engine are those of the bar. Using the location from phones, the SEOs can guide people to the best bars in their surrounding areas. A bar can use keywords for its location and specialties. Whenever a customer will search these words, the bar’s name will show up at the top and make it one of the first options of the customer.  

Social media

Social media has become the platform that keeps all businesses and restaurants in the limelight. Before launching, a bar should first and foremost create a Facebook page where it should upload pictures of the food, drinks and ambiance making it feel attractive to potential customers. Moreover, it is the best method to update people about upcoming events and offers. For instance, if a bar is about to open in Downtown, it can post pictures of its vibrant food and post that the first 100 customers get complimentary drinks or desserts. This attracts attention from followers on the social media website. 

Direct communication with the customers is possible through a Facebook page. Customers can post their reviews and feedback on the page or even complain about something to which the bar can instantly reply on the post. Through such platforms, customers can introduce the bar to their individual networks on Facebook. 

Register on Yelp 

Yelp is an online review site which is famous for its reviews of all kinds of restaurants, cafes and bars. The website has over 140 millionvisitors per month and more than 148 millions reviews posted on it. Building a profile over the website can help a bar increase its business and make an influence on people going through the website. With people posting reviews on it, it acts as a word by mouth marketing of a bar. A bar can sign up on Yelp on instantly show up on its network making it accessible to visitors accessing the site. After creating a profile, the bar can ask its customers to write reviews on Yelp and avail a discount of 15% on the menu. 


Any restaurant or bar becomes popular due to its marketing and customer service. Hence, the use of proper marketing strategies to attract customers and boost sales is an important part of promoting a bar. With different strategies available from mass text messaging, email marketing, social media websites and delivery services, there are various bar marketing ideas available to boost sales and attract customers. Mass text messaging is one of the most effective marketing methods which gains attention on a large scale while staying light on the pocket. The aim of any bar is to advertise itself to not only old customers but also potential, news ones. With a good service provider, the bar can update its contact list and keep all customers posted about promotions at the bar. Customers can be invited for a meal on the house, on their birthdays to increase customer loyalty and making the bar their first option when going out for a fun night.