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Mass Text Messaging for churches

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Number of US Church-Goers Hit New Lows. How can Mass Text Messaging Alleviate this? Big data reports show that 35% of Americans attend mass weekly and 80% to 85% of churches and ministries are in a decline or a plateau. One of the many reasons why so many don’t go to church anymore is because […]


Text Alerts for schools

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How to get more Students to Sign-up for Text Alerts? School administrators use text alerts for different kinds of reasons. Some solely focus on text messaging for safety notification, while some want a little bit of everything: alerts for missed deadlines, campus events, school suspensions, or even class performance concerns. Great goals right there, but […]


Text Reminders Reduce No-Show Rates

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3 Easy Ways to Use Text Reminders that will Reduce your No-Show Rates Struggling to deal with a ridiculous 5% to 55% no-show rate? There are many reasons why patients miss their appointments. Some lead a very busy life, some get confused, or some find unpaid time-off simply discouraging. Whatever their reason may be, you […]


SMS Marketing for retailers

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4 Reasons why SMS Marketing is a must-have strategy for retailers  Looking for new ways to grow your business on a budget? If you are just starting out in your retail business, it’s understandable to be put off by the high costs of marketing services – thanks to the fierce market competition! But you don’t […]


Text Blast for nightclubs

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3 Ways a Text Blast can help you make people show up at your nightclub It’s that time of the week again and you are probably excited about adding more guests on your list right now. However, it is not easy to persuade people to come out without anything to motivate them, isn’t it? How […]


Text Message Marketing for restaurants

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How to incorporate birthday greetings into your Text Message Marketing campaigns for restaurants Greet a loyal customer on his birthday? Offer a free dessert? A birthday discount maybe? These are just some of the thoughtful ways that you can do to make your customer feel special on his big day, which only happens once a […]


Gather Followers With Social Media, Nurture Them Through SMS

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Gather Followers With Social Media, Nurture Them Through SMS Social Media is the new business card bulletin board. There is no better way to quickly spread your brand name and arouse curiosity. If you are in an established business, this media will help you expand in ways traditional advertising formats could never compete. Some of […]


9 Mobile Marketing Benefits

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9 Mobile Marketing Benefits Guaranteed To Significantly Enhance Business Operations Cost effectiveness is that all important catch-phrase that business owners everywhere pay close attention to. Marketing to new customers typically requires more energy and treasure than does pitching sales to an established and loyal customer. Either way, the opportunity to decrease overhead should be studied […]


6 Great SMS Marketing Campaign Tips

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6 Great tips to get the most from your SMS Marketing Campaign Whether or not you already use an SMS Marketing system to drive your business, you are probably aware of the benefits SMS has over standard email or other marketing systems.  If considering a jump into the SMS arena, here are some tips that […]


6 Fail-Proof Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

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6 Fail-Proof Marketing Strategies For Fast Food Restaurants Is there any doubt that fast food service is so pervasive in our society? Just about any type of quickly prepared food is available and they rake in billions of dollars annually. Are you having trouble succeeding in this arena? Are you at a loss as to […]


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