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AI – Artificial Intelligence

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Gone are the days when AI – Artificial Intelligence was a subject of many speculative fiction stories. It has now become one of the fast-emerging technologies that can be utilized by various industries like digital marketing. From chatbots, voice search, augmented reality to data analytics, artificial intelligence has been a great use for automating different marketing […]


Account Based Marketing – Get Started

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How to Get Started with Account Based Marketing Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a new and exciting way to sort out your customer base and focus on highly valued target accounts only. These prospects are like the VIPs of your entire customer base who could be companies or organized groups that may have a tremendous need […]


T-mobile Sprint Merger – 5G Technology

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T-mobile Sprint merger is a $146 billion deal that’s set to give users a 5G network technology. Both US-based carriers have been trying to close the deal for years, but has only come to a close last April 29, 2018. The announcement was released on Twitter by Tmobile CEO John Legere. He said that the parties involved […]


Texto de marketing para su bar

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3 maneras de utilizar texto de marketing para su bar Es divertido y emocionante ver más y más nuevos huéspedes en la cola en su bar. Pero atraer a los nuevos y mantener a los clientes a largo plazo interesados requiere diferentes estrategias. Aquí es donde texto de marketing entra. Es una herramienta que te permite organizar […]


Social Media Strategy – 4 Tips

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Consider 4 things when Implementing a Social Media Strategy It takes a solid social media strategy to reach out to 2.56 billion global social media users. However, implementing a strategy isn’t only about posting here and there. But you would also want to make sure that every effort, time and money you’re putting into it is worthwhile. So, […]


B2C Marketing: What is it and Why is it Important

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Business-to-consumer, or B2C marketing, is a method that marketers use to promote services or products to consumers and make a sale off of it. Any business transaction, whether in-store or online, between a business and a customer can be described as B2C. Even though it looks like a simple process, consumers actually go through different […]


¿Qué es SMS y cómo se inicia?

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Hoy en día, si desea difundir sus últimas promociones rápidamente, debe enviar mensajes de texto masivo a sus suscriptores. Le ayuda a llegar a sus clientes de forma rápida y sencilla. No es de extrañar grandes marcas empiezan a ver el potencial de Marketing SMS como uno de los pilotos para el crecimiento empresarial. Las organizaciones sin […]


Mobile Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

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Want to get the best of both worlds? Or just confused which method to use? Either way, this article will help you understand what’s the deal with mobile marketing vs traditional marketing. But first let’s define the terms. Traditional marketing involves mainly in the promotion or advertisement of products or services through print ads (newspapers, […]


Email VS Text

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Comparing email vs text can be tricky because both can help you get the job done but they often produce different results. Each has its own pros and cons, and you may deem one (or both) as the best for your business depending on what kind of goals you’re looking to achieve. Do you wish to […]


Mass Texting Software – Boost Responses

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Mass Texting Software Can Boost Your Response Rates Mass texting software is the latest addition to the ever-growing communication tools. It’s a powerful data application that marketers use to communicate with their target audience and boost business growth. But what did marketers see exactly in SMS? Text messaging is one of the cheapest ways to achieve […]


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