What is MMS and how can it work for your business?

What is MMS

The term MMS is simply defined as Multimedia Messaging Service which is another mode of communication used frequently by people who find the characters in text messaging too few. In other words, it is an enhanced version of SMS since you can include pictures, videos and audio files in your messages with MMS. Since businesses and companies use text message marketing to promote their products and services, MMS marketing also brings in a new way to attract customers by adding a brighter side to text messages. This mode of communication is perfect for businesses and companies looking to relay extra information to their customers.

What is MMS marketing?

Companies use various marketing techniques and MMS marketing is one of them. When businesses feel that they need a better connection with their customers by sending them something more than just text messages, they can use Multimedia Messaging Service. Most companies tend to disregard the use of MMS for promotion of their products and services, however, this marketing method can play quite an important role. Whereas normal text messages only allow up to 160 characters at one time, Multimedia Messaging Service allows 1600 characters in one single message. Since companies can attach photos, videos and audio files in MMS messages, they can market their products in all possible ways. MMS marketing is also commonly known as picture messaging and is gaining popularity with many businesses overtime because of the attention it amasses from people. It is the same as text message marketing that businesses require the consent of the customers before sending them multimedia messages. MMS marketing has created a new window and mode of communication for both marketers and users of text messaging.

Why choose Multimedia Messaging Service?

When choosing from many marketing options, companies seek what helps them promote their business the best. Even though text message marketing is what suits most companies but there are some who choose to be unique for their clients. The main aim of companies is to engage their customers fully and to attract their attention. Statistics show that Multimedia Messaging Service marketing increase customer engagement over more than 250% as compared to regular text messages. To become a part of the competitive business market, each company needs to stand out and to do this each one needs to have a creative marketing campaign. Since MMS marketing is unique in its own way and allows companies to attach audio, video and picture messages, it covers all ground. There are times when customers require a clearer picture than just words in a text message. This when MMS marketing helps; a restaurant when sending messages to customers about special discounts, they can attach pictures of the menu with discounted prices to attract better attention. Moreover, MMS marketing allows companies to create subject lines which introduce customers to the message and also lures the customers to read the message further.

How to target customers with MMS?

Like text message marketing you need an audience before initiating MMS marketing. When starting off you need to decide and create a target audience so you can design your messages accordingly. Supposedly, your target audience is youth within their twenties, then you will design creative and updates Multimedia Messaging Service texts that attract them. The aim would be to attach short videos, colorful pictures and attractive discounts to grab their attention. Furthermore, since marketing is used to target customers, you will need to create groups of customers accordingly. Any company requires a strong and professional team for marketing which can assort people into groups according to their age, gender, profession and association with the company. This way, the business can send customized MMS marketing messages to only a few people in their contact list. If a company is offering special discounts for a limited time period, it will send a catalog of the products along with a discounted price list to old and loyal customers. This technique of categorizing customers helps a company to identify loyal clients while also helping them in marketing. The most important aspect that needs to be considered is the right service provider. With the help of a good service provider, you don’t need to worry about the work. Express Text is one such provider that helps its clients fully and aids their marketing campaigns without causing any burden on them. With the help of a service provider a company can manage all its marketing campaigns the right way. Moreover, the right provider will make it easier and convenient to send out MMS messages to customers.

How to promote MMS marketing?

Even though MMS marketing is a promotion technique for companies itself, it also requires promotion to become popular among customers. Marketing campaigns need to be promoted among people to attract their attention as well. Similarly, Multimedia Messaging Service marketing is a method that is new among people and many customers find it different than other common marketing methods. While mass text messaging is common to send text blasts to customers about a business, MMS marketing is a new concept. Promotion through other marketing strategies is necessary to boost MMS marketing for businesses. Using email marketing, social media marketing and mass text messaging are just a few methods to promote MMS marketing. A company can email customers to subscribe and send them a text message to receive latest updates through MMS messages. This way customers can understand the products and services of a business even better.

MMS vs SMS campaigns

While many ask what is MMS, the basic definition is that it is an enhanced and better version of the plain old text message. However, despite two main differences, there isn’t much that draws a line between the two. Firstly, MMS is similar to text messaging since it is sent like a text message but it has the added benefit of having a visual context. On the other hand, normal text messages only cover 160 characters in a message while Multimedia Messaging Service tends to send 1600 characters in a message. Each MMS message can send up to 500 kb worth of data at a time which is enough to send a 30 seconds long audio file and picture files according to their size. Similar to text messaging, MMS messaging is also an instant and a quick form of communication. This means that companies can immediately send a message to their contacts to alert them about a change in the venue while attaching a map in the message. Multimedia Messaging Service and text messaging serve the same purpose and have the same technique. The main difference lies in the attachments that can be sent through MMS making the message much richer than a regular text message. Another significant difference lies in the character limits that both services have to offer. MMS allows a 10 times greater number of characters in messages when compared to regular text messages.

MMS vs email marketing

Email marketing has remained a part of marketing strategies since a very long time but with time technology has surpassed this mode of communication. Multimedia Messaging Service is an example of this update in technology. While people could only send messages containing 160 characters at a time, MMS introduced a new of sending messages to people. Email marketing continues to play an important role in marketing but since it is dependent on internet connection and is a considerably slower mode of communication, it has been superseded by text message marketing. Moreover, the opening rate of text messages and MMS messages is 98% as compared to the low 22% of emails. People tend to carry their phones with them and check them quite frequently which is why they can open text and MMS messages whenever they want. Moreover, it is more convenient to use MMS since it doesn’t require an active internet connection which is a necessity for opening emails. However, companies can promote their MMS messages through emails by sending subscription offers to customers and asking them to sign up for receiving MMS messages.

Misconceptions with MMS

Since it is a comparatively new marketing concept, there are quite a few misconceptions about Multimedia Messaging Service. Most importantly, people always tend to confuse Multimedia Messaging Service as a complicated messaging service, not knowing what it really does. There are many other misconceptions related to MMS messaging which include the idea that MMS is more expensive than text messaging and other marketing methods available. To counter this misconception, the MMS used to be expensive a few years back when networks found it expensive to cater to users however, with time as network services improved the prices have come down leaving no difference between MMS messaging and text messaging. The only extra effort needed to send Multimedia Messaging Service messages is the usage and creating of multimedia which are pictures, videos and audio files. Moreover, there are no extra charges to send MMS messages to customers. Another misconception about MMS messaging is that the videos sent through Multimedia Messaging Service cannot be played on mobile phones. For this, the solution has been provided in all new phones which allow and support MMS videos. Companies who are caught in this misconception tend to be afraid to send MMS videos to customers unaware that these videos help the customers know the product and services better than anything else. It is easier to send a video explaining to customers how a certain product works so they are more attracted to the company. The biggest misconception about MMS messaging is that it requires internet or a data plan on phones and can only be used on smart-phones. However, a smart phone is not a requirement for people to receive MMS messages. Even though the display on a smart phone makes the multimedia message look better, it is not necessary to have an updates phone to see a Multimedia Messaging Service message. The same goes for internet usage and data plans. Receiving MMS messages does not require internet usage since network services can send those like regular text messages with multimedia attachments.

Using Multimedia Messaging Service to boost other marketing platforms

Considering that MMS is the tool of the new generation to communicate using the support of multimedia, there are many ways to boost marketing with the help of MMS. With the help of Multimedia Messaging Service companies can boost other marketing platforms like social media, online web pages and emails. Using multimedia support in MMS messages, companies can attach links and pages of their desired social media pages and websites so customers can access them easily from their phones. A company can share its entire catalog with its customers through the means of MMS messaging. This catalog can be accessed by customers while sitting at home and deciding what to order without having to hassle about anything.

Does MMS work?

There are many who think that Multimedia Messaging Service is not as popular as other marketing method and doesn’t work on customers. However, just like text messages have the highest opening rate as compared to any other marketing technique, the Multimedia Messaging Service marketing method has the same opening rate. Where people check text messages, they can check MMS messages. Moreover, the idea is different than other marketing methods but it has spread slowly in the market leading to its success. Once the people understand that the misconceptions they hold about MMS messaging are false, they will tend to get accustomed to its usage. If used extensively in marketing it can lead to better performance results than before. Many companies have started using MMS messaging as a marketing technique which has improved their marketing skills overall. Since MMS provides multimedia support on phones, it covers all aspects of marketing and creates a new and different bond between businesses and their customers.

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