Text Marketing Services

text marketing services

For those of you looking for the best text marketing services, we have listed some of the top web-based companies to date based on pricing and the features that they offer. These include:

  1. Express Text

One of USA’s top web-based text marketing services, Express Text is easy to use and affordable. What makes it unique is its user-friendliness, as it assists users by providing a help video at every step as well as a strong customer support center. The website claims that setting up an account only takes 60 seconds! It even provides an after-sales service, and if customers are not pleased with the service for any reason whatsoever, they can back out with a complete money refund. In addition to increasing customer loyalty and building relationships with its users, Express Text offers features such as link shortener, birthday reminders, and MMS links. The marketing service offers 4 pricing options, ranging from $24 for 500 texts to just $150 per month for 6000 text messages. Each comes with a free keyword, a free 30-day trial, and unlimited groups.

  1. EZ Texting

EZ texting is an online text marketing service that offers keywords for campaigns as well as added features such as MMS picture messages, text to vote SMS polls, reminders, and text to a landline as well as personalized one-on-one EZ chat with customers. Businesses can select their own shortcode, with 5 payment options to choose from. The first is completely free, which is a one-time only demo that allows up to 1000 SMS per month. The second is perfect for those businesses which do not require text services so frequently, charging 5 cents for each message and $25 for a keyword per month. However, their most popularly used package is for $49 which includes up to a 1000 messages and a custom keyword. It is also MMS enabled. The last two packages offered are for bigger companies with a vast target audience. These packages allow 2000 to 3000 messages with the elite package costing the lowest per SMS due to bulk buying.

  1. Textedly

Textedly offers a large range of features in its service including scheduled text messages, automated replies, personalized messages, unlimited subscribers, custom subscriber data and secure information. It also offers to supersize message length which means no 160 character word limit as well as CTI and carrier compliance i.e. allowing subscribers to opt in and opt out to make sure the business does not break any codes of conduct and making sure the users are comfortable. Textedly offers all this starting with a 40 day free trial with a total of 8 packages ranging from $25-$1100. Businesses can choose based on their target market size as the number of text messages and custom keywords increase with an upgraded package.

  1. Simple Texting

Simple Texting is a popular text service that offers more added features than any of its competitors. These include extended messages, custom fields, data collection, multiple user access (to the online account), text-2-win sweepstakes (a classic marketing strategy), hyperlinks, link tracking, Facebook and Twitter integration, web forms and much more. Along with these numerous added features, Simple Texting also provides a large variety of payment options. The number of texts that can be sent is unlimited, with monthly plans as well as annual plans with which businesses can save 25% of payment. Further details are available on the website.

  1. Mozeo

Mozeo is another web-based text marketing service that offers SMS services to business not only for marketing purposes but also for alerts, reminders, transactional updates (such as those from bank accounts), personalized interaction with users and a text-to-win feature to increase clientele. The website has listed a number of brands which provided positive feedback after using Mozeo’s text marketing services, thus manifesting that it is a trusted brand providing quality services. The company provides payment options based on keywords. Ranging from $15-$110 with a one-time free trial with all the above-mentioned features included.

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