SMS Text

SMS Text

SMS text is a relatively new marketing tool in the Enterprise to Person (E2P) landscape. It started to gain momentum a few years ago after smaller businesses have seen how much success Fortune 500 companies have achieved through SMS marketing.

To give you an idea of how much ROI there is in text messaging, take a look at the case studies below.

1. $2.3M sales after a 3-month SMS marketing campaign

 A major retailer launched a three-month mobile marketing campaign with a goal to drive customer growth and sales.

During this campaign, their marketing database grew to more than 250,000. SMS also helped them generate $2.3 million in sales.

2. Good alternative to reduce inbound support calls

A telecom company had set up a series of customer service-oriented text campaigns to reduce the number of inbound support calls they receive.

Through SMS text, clients are able to schedule appointments and receive billing notices and important alerts. This campaign helped the telecom company reduce its customer support calls by 20% while giving a more effective communication channel between their contact center and clients.

3. 5 to 1: Higher conversion rate vs email

A retailer for educational materials and resources had achieved a higher conversion rate using their SMS marketing campaigns than they did with email. They converted 5 customers through SMS text compared to email through which they had 1 conversion.

4. Reduce no-show rate by 29%-39%

UK’s National Health Service (NHS) implemented a communications program for their outpatient services. SMS was used to send out text reminders to patients about their scheduled appointments.

As a result, NHS reduced their no-show rate by up to 39%.

5. Effect marketing channel to encourage interaction and purchase intent

Skincare company Kiehl’s launched an SMS marketing campaign to send out promos and specials to their registered customers. Kiehl’s found out that 73% (redemption rate) of the opt-ins have made a purchase after receiving product alerts via SMS.

The demand for SMS marketing may continue to rise for the next few years as more and more people (Millennials) prefer SMS as a means of communication.

Businesses should become aware of this and listen to what their customers want in order to keep them engaged outside of social media and email.