Small Business Marketing Ideas


This year’s small business marketing ideas put a lot of emphasis on buyer personas. This is driven by how varied and wide the market has become since the advent of ecommerce.

This goes without saying that you also need to invest more in your SMO and SEO campaigns. Ranking on top of SERPs and staying relevant on social media and your community will always be important for businesses.

Another trend that you should consider is mobile advertising and SMS marketing, as more and more people use smartphones for their online activities, including shopping. And within this specialization, SMS is increasingly becoming the fastest way to reach out to customers and achieve higher ROI than email.

SMS open rates are doing well at 98%, 90% of which are read within three seconds. Its conversion rate of 32% is also phenomenal, according to a recently published report. So if you want to boost your customer engagement, SMS marketing should be right up your alley.


Small Business Marketing Ideas You Should Try

Newer technologies come out year-after-year, and the marketing industry is lucky to be able to use them.

One example is chatbots on Facebook. Chatbots are perfect for small businesses who want to provide their customers with a fast and efficient customer service facility for general inquiries. On Facebook, you can automate your Messenger to give customers instant replies and keep them engaged.

Aside from chatbots, voice search is also gaining momentum as people become more tech-savvy.

Consider optimizing your SEO for voice search if you have a significant amount of customers who use such a tool with their devices. Optimizing your business for voice queries could give users a better experience and thus, help you rank higher on Google.

Overall, use these small business marketing ideas to shape your business plan for 2018. Keep in mind to establish your own set of performance indicators to measure the success of your marketing campaigns.