Short message service: 9 statistics you should know

short message service

Short Message Service is one of the fastest and affordable ways to reach your customers via texting about your business and special sales. No wonder many businesses want to use this method of marketing.

But these are not the only benefits you can enjoy from using SMS marketing. In fact, the most recent stats show that SMS is as powerful as any other digital marketing tools out there (e.g. email and social media). How is that possible?

Let’s take a look below:

1. In the US, 98% of adults (aged 18-29) own an SMS-enabled mobile device and 97% text on a weekly basis.

2. On average, American adults spend 23 hours of their entire week on texting.

3. A whopping 75% of millennials said that they enjoy doing business via SMS (e.g. appointment scheduling, coupon redemptions, deliveries, etc.), according to the Mobile Marketing Watch.

4. SMS has a faster average response time than email. Customers respond to text alerts within 90 seconds, while it’ll take them 90 minutes to respond to business emails.

5. Over 50% of customers find SMS a better communication method to reach customer support than making a phone call. Additionally, 44% prefer to initiate an SMS conversation rather than spend their precious time waiting on hold with a rep.

6. Franchise texting – 90% of franchise leads prefer to receive text messages than phone calls.

7. Around 70% of companies either don’t have an SMS provider or an SMS marketing strategy in place to cater to 30% of customers who are open to receive text promos.

8. Harris Interactive reports that more than 60% of customers do not take business SMS negatively. In fact, it is one way to impress them and earn their trust.

9. 78% of customers are open to exchanging text messages with a company.

These stats clearly show how many customers would choose to communicate with a business via Short Message Service over email and telemarketing. SMS marketing offers multiple benefits that if used correctly can give you that competitive advantage, including customer trust and loyalty.

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