Receive SMS Online

receive sms online

SMS is a two-way communication channel that you can use to keep in touch with other people. But when used in business, have you ever wondered how you can receive SMS online from your customers?

Yes, you do have an option to do so. Keeping your SMS facility open to receive incoming text messages (e.g. inquiries, reservations, or coupon redemptions) can create a lot of business opportunities for you.

Here are a few tips for setting up your facility to receive SMS Online.

Buy a Short code or long code

There are two types of phone numbers that you can purchase in the US.

Shortcode– It’s a 5 to 6-digit mobile short code that is commonly used that is generated either randomly or systematically. It also doesn’t contain a network prefix number or a country code, hence shorter than long codes.

Long code– Best used for setting up a single point of contact, specifically to receive and make calls, a long code contains a country code and a network prefix.

Set up and configuration

To receive SMS online successfully, configure each number you purchased to your exact specifications. This procedure requires a bit of coding knowledge, but if you’re familiar with tag management and analytics, this should be easy.

Find a platform where you can do phone number API configurations. There, setup a container, configure the parameters and delivery methods, and specify what “action” it represents in your configuration (e.g. pull and forward).

You can configure each phone number and associate a unique keyword with it based on your marketing goals. If you want to build a contact list, you can start a text-to-join campaign. Then, interested customers may type in the assigned keyword and send it to your chosen phone number.

If successful, you will be able to receive SMS in real time and count it as a conversion.

Pull and Forward Methods

There are two SMS delivery methods available when configuring an action – pull and forward.

In each container, specify an “action” to direct the incoming messages to the right platform or landing page. If Configuration A is set up to receive incoming SMS that starts with your assigned keyword, it’s recommended to use the Forward method to receive it in real time.

Conversely, for incoming messages that don’t start with your assigned keyword, set up another configuration and specify Pull as the method of delivery. This will automatically store mismatched messages in an inbox where you can pull or collect them at your own disposal.