Mobile Campaign

mobile campaign

Any marketing strategy that uses cellular phone technology to reach the target market is called mobile marketing. Under this umbrella term is a branch of different types of mobile campaigns you can use to achieve your goals.

If you want to know which type of mobile campaign is best for your business right now, read on.

1. Permission-based marketing

Like email marketing, your target audience must agree to subscribe to your contact list first before you can blast them out with messages.

You can build your opt-in list by asking your customers to fill out an opt-in form post-purchase. Or, simply create a push notification alert on your website to prompt an opt-in request.

2. Welcome campaigns

A welcome sms text message to introduce your newly registered customers to your brand is always a great starting point. Make sure to highlight your brand features and encourage them to take action by offering something of value.

3. Location-based marketing campaigns

This type of service works well with businesses that can leverage GPS technology, check-in services and geo-fencing to locate nearby customers through an app or a push notification system.

For example, a bicycle shop may be able to send out a timely alert like today-only discount to a registered customer who happens to be in their area of service at the moment. However, do not overwhelm a customer with multiple text messages in a day to avoid making them feel like being stalked online.

4. Customizable mobile content

Personalize your text messages whenever necessary. Birthday greetings, news, exclusive offers and text reminders are a great excuse to send a customized message to your intended recipient.

In your mobile campaign, address the recipient in his first name and compose a dynamic and clear message.

5. Promotional campaign

If you plan to launch a promotional campaign this month, make sure to do it across all your existing channels, including mobile SMS.

Your promotional text message can be about your exclusive deals, limited time only discounts, new products on offer, contests, among other important announcements. Take this as an opportunity to highlight offers that aren’t available anywhere else.

6. Text reminder campaign

Transactional campaigns are recommended to businesses that are looking to reduce their no-show rate and inbound calling rate. Through a text reminder, clients are reminded of their scheduled appointment with you in a timely manner.

In effect, they can confirm their attendance or reschedule their appointment if they can’t make it.

7. Mobile text alert campaign

Want to acknowledge receipt of a customer’s payment? Creating a mobile text alert campaign should be right up your alley. This is best use for sending confirmations like whenever someone changes his password, asks for a one-time-password, payment receipt, bill notices, and so on.


8. MMS marketing campaign

AKA multimedia messaging service, MMS marketing allows you to send dynamic and multimedia content to your recipients.

You can create videos and images that you’d want to send out and your text message isn’t limited to just 160 characters. However, be aware that not all mobile phones can receive multimedia messages so it’s recommended to use an SMS text fallback message.

To choose the right mobile campaign for you, it’s best to start with identifying your marketing goals. Focus on how mobile marketing can help you keep your customers engaged and aware of your brand. Lastly, pay attention to personalizing and automating your SMS responses to create great touchpoints for your customers’ journey during- and post-sales.