Send Text by Long Code SMS: How to Use Longcode

Send Text by Long Code

What is send text by long code SMS? Actually, we all are but you may not know what the term is. A long code is the 10 digit phone number that you are using as your mobile phone number. We use this as a means of communication with other long code users. In the business industry, long codes are used to send out promotional text messages to customers as a form of marketing, and an effective one at that!

How to use long codes for business purposes

You’d think it’s as simple as typing a text message and sending it out. For businesses, it may have been at some point, but not anymore. To send promotional text messages to your customers, you need their permission. For that very purpose, you need to conduct an SMS Campaign. That is where SMS Platforms come into the picture. They help you conduct an SMS Campaign and track its performance so that you can constantly improve it. They also provide you with a variety of features to help you better engage with your customers. But the main reason SMS platforms were built was so you could send out mass text messages. This means that you can send out hundreds and thousands of text all at the same time!

SMS Campaigns and Long codes

If you specifically wish to send text by long code, you’ll have to sign up with an SMS provider that offers them. Examples include CallFire and EZ Texting. Both long codes and shortcodes have their advantages so do your research before you decide to go with one. Once you have signed up with an SMS Platform of your choice, you need to conduct an SMS Campaign. You will use your issued long code as your official number to text customers asking them to subscribe to your SMS Campaign. Interested customers will follow the instructions given in your text i.e. send in the mobile keyword to the long code. By doing this, they will receive promotional offers, updates and other text messages from your brand. You are also legally obliged to allow your customers to unsubscribe from your campaign if they wish to do so.

Advantages of long code SMS

  • Personalised

The best thing about long codes is that they are personalised. Customers are used to receiving automated messages from shortcodes so if you send texts from long code, they will feel like they are talking to another human and not a robot. With SMS customer support, you can have one-on-one conversations with them. As a result, your customers will feel valued and in return, remain loyal to your brand.

  • 2-way communication     

With shortcodes and automated messages, 2-way communication is not a feature that all SMS platforms provide with shortcodes. However, long code SMS service provides this feature. Without two way communication, customers will not be able to send in their feedback, queries or complaints. What if you send a promotional message and customers want to ask for details but 2-way communication is not an option? If they don’t have enough details and they cannot communicate with you, they might just pass up on your offer. There will only be a few, if any, customers that make the effort of looking up company information and contacting it. In today’s business world, you need to make the effort of reaching out to your customers and providing them with convenience. A part of this is 2-way communication through long codes.

  • Affordability

Did you know long codes are way more affordable than shortcodes? No more having to pay for additional keywords. No expensive issuing of unique numbers. Long codes have been around a long time so issuing a new number for your business is practically almost free. You also don’t have to worry about getting the same number as anyone else because long codes have more digits so every individual/user is issued with a unique one. With shortcodes, however, getting a unique one will cost you much more. Moreover, since all your customers use long codes, it’s less costly to send and receive texts if you’re using a long code as well. You can check out long code SMS pricing to find the plan that fits best into your marketing budget.

  • Consistency

To remain professional, you need to show your customers consistency. With long codes, you will have a single point of contact as you can get a unique number issued which you do not have to change, even if you switch SMS providers. This way, you can send dedicated long codes SMS that customers can easily recognise and associate it with your brand. Similarly, it will be easier for them to memorise it so they can contact you for assistance whenever. Long code SMS marketing is useful and it can build trust between a brand and their customers.

  • Support various functions  

One of the great things about long codes is that they have access to a variety of features that shortcodes don’t. If you’re sending out messages internationally, they’ll go through with long codes which may not be the case with shortcodes as they do not support all kinds of numbers and carriers. As I mentioned before, if you send text by long code, it will be supported by 2-way chat regardless of your SMS provider (that means no extra payment for another added feature!). With shortcodes, you would have to choose a good SMS provider that offers this function, which will also cost you more. A long code can also be used for more than just text messaging e.g. voice communication and faxes, so you can use a standard number for multiple purposes. Longcode also supports endless keywords. Whichever you use, your customers can easily respond to it. With shortcodes, even the biggest packages will not get you more than 10 keywords. So especially if you’re a heavy user, you’ll need to go with a long code.  

Features of Long code SMS

  • Message Forwarding

Ever seen an irresistible deal from your favourite restaurant? Suppose you get a text telling you about all the details (spoiler: the deal ends at midnight). Now, you can simply just forward this SMS to all your friends and make a plan to visit the restaurant for some food, fun and a budget-friendly meal! Message forwarding is a feature that aids businesses in spreading the message. In a dire situation e.g., if a hospital is asking for blood donors via text, recipients can quickly forward the message to all their contacts so as to find a donor asap and save a life in time. In an emergency situation, getting the word out timely can make all the difference.

  • Instant Delivery

Since both you and your customers are using long codes for communication, it automatically means that your text will be delivered faster. SMS itself is a very fast communication channel. Texts are sent within seconds as long as you have an active network connection. You require no internet to reach people. With long codes, you could even reach international numbers within seconds so any information that you’re sending out, it will reach your customers instantly. However, there are platforms like ExpressText that offer instant delivery even with shortcodes.

  • Templates

Templates will you save you a massive amount of time. Templates are prewritten messages that platforms offer e.g. Company XYZ wishes you a very Happy Birthday! This template can be used to send out scheduled messages to customers on their birthdays at 12 AM (Pro tip: doing this will a 100% ensure that your customer feels valued and stays loyal to your business). You can also create unique templates that are crafted for your own company’s needs. This way, you can save on time as well as send messages that are personal and to your liking. Long code SMS example will give you the inspiration you need to create yours.

  • Groups

If you’re a control freak, you probably love to stay organised and groups will be your best friend. Groups help to manage your contacts and divide your target audience into smaller segments. This can help you utilise your resources better by sending out targeted texts, thus improving efficiency. You can divide your client list based on products, demographics or any other category relevant to your business. This way, you can message each group individually based on their likes and interests.

  • Graphed Reports

If you don’t get feedback and results on your work, how will you know your SMS Campaign’s performance? Knowing your performance is an important part of effectiveness. If your campaign isn’t doing well but you are not monitoring it, you will keep sending out texts and wasting resources in the wrong place. With graphed reports, you will get a complete summary of where your campaign is doing well and where it is not. This way, you can retain your strengths and eliminate or change the weak points.

  • Hyperlinks

Link shorteners and URLs may be a basic feature but they prove to be the most useful. You can send a short text with only the gist of the message and add a hyperlink for details. This way, users won’t lose interest in your message and read all of it because it will be short and to the point. Interested users, on the other hand, can simply click on the link and view desired details. This way, the message is convenient for all recipients. Hyperlinks can prove to be very useful in directing customers to the right place e.g. making online payments, social media pages and accounts, pinned location on maps etc. The more convenience your business provides to its customers, the more your customers will appreciate it.

Why SMS?

Long codes can also be used for voice communication and calls. Then why pair it with SMS? Well, unlike any other communication channel, SMS has an open rate of 98%. That means every 8 in 10 people will read your text message, and everyone wants to reach their customers where they know they will get the message. Take email for example. Only 3 out of 10 people will actually open and read your email. That lessens the chances of people who will actually act on it. When it comes to social media, while most people will read your message but they will do so within a matter of hours. With SMS, a message is opened within the 3 minutes of receiving it (in most cases).

So we’ve established that not only is SMS fast, it is also effective in reaching people. That explains its high Return on Investment. The little cost that you invest in it will bring you an insanely high amount of profit. Businesses have reported a whopping 98% increase in sales within 6 months of using SMS. That’s close to a miracle! SMS can prove to be very beneficial especially for small businesses. Moreover, if small business owners and freelancers send text by long code, they can avail maximum benefits. Long codes are way cheaper than shortcodes, they have a higher reach when it comes to various functions but most importantly, they add to a more personalised touch. Personalisation is an edge that small businesses will always have over corporations. Thus, no matter what type of business you have, you can use long codes for texting strategically to your advantage.

What is shortcode vs longcode?

A short code is the typical shortened number for sending and receiving bulk SMS messages (“Text YES to 54321”, for instance), whereas a long code is a full regular phone number with ten digits, which customers can interact with.

How can my business use long code?

Long code texts have several advantages over short codes, mainly that customers can receive and send messages from your long code number, can be shared or dedicated like short codes, have international access, are quick and cheap to use.

Should you use long code SMS marketing?

Yes, every business who wants to maximize their text marketing efforts should use long code SMS, and if possible, get a dedicated long code so that you can use any keyword with your bulk texting without worrying about other businesses.

Difference between shortcode and long code SMS

Long codes for SMS are 10-digit numbers that are linked to an area code. SMS short codes, on the other hand, are 5-6 digits that can only be used to send and receive SMS.

What does long code SMS cost?

The price of using long code SMS can vary based on how many customers you want to reach, and the number of keywords you use. Check out pricing plans from platforms like Express Text to see how you can get started with bulk SMS today!