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The reality is that social networks play a significant role in our lives because they contain all your necessary data, which are being under full security. Believe it or not, but on the website Statista, you can find information that 3.6 billion people used social media in 2020, worldwide. It is estimated that this number will rise to 4.41 billion by 2025. Now, as we mentioned at the beginning, Facebook is still the absolute king of the social networking world with 2.74 billion active users globally.  Instagram is the second with about 1.22 billion active users worldwide. 

Instagram is a new hype, and if you feel everyone uses this social media, you are right. By everyone, we mean people, pets, and, of course, businesses.  It is incredible how many companies have a presence on this social medium. According to the website Oberlo, only in the U.S., there are currently around 71% of companies that use Instagram for marketing.

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When we think about Instagram’s marketing meaning, it becomes clear that this social network isn’t simply for personal use anymore. It became a global network where brands can humanize their content, recruit new people, advertise products, and communicate with the audience. Whether you want to advertise something like $1000 no deposit bonus codes or something else, Instagram marketing will be perfect for you. But what is the Instagram marketing definition? How to start? Indeed, we understand that you may have all those questions. Hence, we discussed this with marketing experts who shared some Instagram marketing examples.


What is Instagram Marketing?


If you asked about Instagram’s marketing description, we were to say the following. It is social media marketing that businesses can use to promote their products or services. It can help you connect with the audience, increase awareness and boost sales. Keep in mind that Instagram users aren’t just active. They are also engaged, as many of them visit the website daily. An average Instagram user spends around 7 hours per week interacting with brands and friends.

As we mentioned, you can use Instagram’s marketing business to raise brand awareness.  Somewhere around 130 million users engage monthly with some type of shopping content. However, even with all this information, you can still feel unsure of how to start. Don’t worry! You will find the answers you have been looking for in this Instagram marketing guide.


How to Start?


Set Clear Goals

So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is “Why am I on Instagram?” Indeed, it is a popular platform! But, still, your answer shouldn’t be “Everyone is there!” if you want to understand Instagram marketing effectiveness in the long run, you need clearly defined goals and purpose. That will also justify the time, money, and energy you invest in it. Keep in mind that they need to correlate with your business needs. It is also important that there aren’t right and wrong answers there. Maybe you want to use Instagram to attract customers and increase sales.  Maybe you want to post content that shows how good your products are, etc.  Whatever it is, make sure you are clear about it. Remember that Instagram allows you to have multiple goals connected simultaneously. 


Determine the Audience

This is an important step. Bear in mind that most of your efforts will be in vain if you don’t manage to determine the audience.  As you are selling products or offering services, the best you can do is to imagine a buyer. Think about the age, sex, occupation, etc. of the person you are talking with. 


Analyze the Competitors

When you are on the journey towards increasing your Instagram marketing earnings, you need to learn as many things as possible about your competitors. Learn who they are, how they communicate with the audience, etc. You should also learn about their mistakes and find a way to improve them. 


Design Content

Keep in mind that Instagram is a social medium where you post visuals. Hence, this is something important to its users. Fortunately, the platform offers various formats and opportunities, so you can easily attract an audience.

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Grow the Followers Base

The more audience you attract to your profile, the greater chance you will create a successful business. But that doesn’t mean you should try and buy followers. Things don’t work like that. Growing a follower base takes time, energy, and money. But you will see that it pays off.  Remember that the more exciting and engaging your content becomes, the more people will come to you. 

Moreover, in order to grow the number of your followers, you can organize contests and giveaways by using a no investment merch creation tool online. This will give people an additional purpose to follow your Instagram account.


Bottom Line

Considering it has more than a billion active users, it is hard to say that it is not a powerful social network. And as you can see, Instagram marketing can give you phenomenal results in customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales. Are you on Instagram?  Are you using it for business? Have you thought about it? 


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Jeremy is a journalist, blogger, and social media marketer living in Atlanta. He often covers topics related to marketing and social networks.

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