Use Mockfire to Create Mockups for Social Media and Google Ads

By the end of this article you will be able to create ready-to-share mockups for social media and google ads with the help of Mockfire’s mockup editor tool. These high quality mockups can be shared with your clients for quick approvals on social media designs or just to see how your posts and ads would look on various social channels before publishing it on any of them.


Note: You don’t need any design experience to use Mockfire. The platform’s easy to use editor makes it effortless to create social media mockups that you can proudly show off to anyone.


Getting started

  1. Open in any browser on your desktop. 
  2. If you’re a social media community manager you can keep your graphics, copy and brand logos ready to quickly add these to the mockup editor. 
  3. Mockups can be fully customized right from post captions to call to actions and even the colors they need to appear in.
  4. Make a note of which social media channels you want to create mock-ups for and you should be ready to go.


Create your first mock-up (and be thrilled!)


Mockfire’s mockup editor tool is dummy-proof making it easy for even a 7-year-old kid to use it. You can start by selecting the social channel you want to create a mockup for. Choices include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and even Google Ad Banners.


Once you’ve selected the social channel, use the left navigation to pick the type of mockup you want to create. If you’ve chosen Facebook, you can create mockups for posts, image/video ad, carousel ad, album and stories. Similarly every social channel has integrations for a wide range of posts, stories and ads that it supports.


After selecting the mockup type, begin customizing the mockup by uploading the brand logo and graphics. Add a compelling caption and your mockup should be ready to download.


For carousel ads and image/video ads with a call to action, you can go one step further and select the call to action along with the colors it should be presented in. This helps you create a mockup that is identical to what the post or ad would look like when it’s published.


Preview your mockup to check if all the information is filled out and then proceed to the next step.


Download and share your mockups (and get feedback)


The next step is to download your social media mockup and share it with your clients, colleagues and friends. Choose whether you want the final rendering to be in JPG or PNG and smash that download button. All mockups are automatically saved in the brand name you entered to make it easy to identify them.


Once you have downloaded your mockup, you can now share it with your clients for quick approvals or with your team to see if there are any final edits required. Try downloading different variations of your mockups with multiple captions and call to actions so you can A/B test which one is better.


Creating Google Ad Mockups (brand new)


A first of its kind, Mockfire’s mockup editor tool offers Google Ad Mockups to show off your Google banner designs proudly. Give your clients a visual taste of what these banners would look like when they are published on any live website.


Choose from 14 of the most popular banner sizes including 728 x 90 (leaderboard), 300 x 600 (half page), 336 x 280 (large rectangle) and more. There are also 4 mobile responsive mockups if you would like to test your designs on any mobile screen.


A click-to-upload feature makes it easy to upload your banner designs into the mockup and download them in the format you prefer. These are great to see where your design would fit best and what sizes can give your brand more exposure.


We hope this article has helped you get familiar with Mockfire’s mockup editor tool. You’re now ready to create professional social media mockups for all your designs.

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