Web Based Texting – How to Send Text messages from a computer

web based texting

Web Based Texting

Not a fan of prepaid texting? Then there’s web based texting is for you.

You can use it anywhere, anytime. If you lost your mobile phones now while on a trip, you can send SMS still from an Internet-enabled computer. Isn’t it convenient?

So, get in touch with your registered contacts anytime and do it right with these tips!


Send texts through your email

Once you’ve subscribed to an SMS platform, there’s no need to hire third-party services to send messages via your own email client. Most platforms already have this feature so it allows you to save money and time.

To send out a 160-character text message, enter your recipient’s 10-digit cell number plus the right gateway address. Note that there are two gateway addresses set up by the US carriers: SMS Gateway and MMS Gateway.

For example, Verizon uses @vtext.com for SMS and @vzwpix.com for MMS.

So, in your email, your recipient’s email address should look like this:

SMS: 1234567891@vtext.com

MMS: 1234567891@vzwpix.com


Via Google Voice

Google Voice homepage is where you want to go. Take the quick tour and start creating/sending messages right away.

But your SMS ID will come from your Google Voice account and not your phone. If your goal is just to send personal SMS to your friends and family, this can be a great alternative.

However, for business, web based texting platforms are specifically designed for SMS marketing.


Via iMessage

Convenient for Apple device users, iMessage is a free texting feature that is pre-installed in iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you will be able to send and receive content from fellow Apple users.

To setup SMS forwarding on all your devices, go to the Settings tab and click Messages. Enable iMessage and tap text message forwarding. Expect to receive a code to activate your new settings.


Via Android

MightyText is one of first developers to integrate web based texting in Android and computers. Use your Android device to pair your cellphone number with Google.

Once completed, you can now start sending and receiving SMS and MMS from within your web browser.

These web apps can be a great alternative to texting with your prepaid or postpaid mobile phone. But if you’re looking to fill a specific business need that has to do with SMS marketing, you should be looking for a reputable SMS website.