Texting online

Texting online refers to the communication that takes place via texts through the internet. 

It may include texts sent from a computer to a mobile device, app to app texting, or any other form of texting that requires the internet to operate. 

Some SMS providers also offer online texting plans for business marketing. If you choose to send online texts using a messaging platform to your customers all you need to do is sign up, choose the plan and you are all set to reach your target audience.

Online messages sent via computer using a messaging platform go through an SMS gateway that converts the format of the message according to the compatibility of the recipient devices for e.g mobile phone, Ipad, Imac, etc. 

If you haven’t yet tried online texting for your business marketing it is high time you must give it a shot! 

What edge does online texting have over other methods of communication? 

Generally, we associate texting with cell phones only but now with the changing digital world, new sources for communication are looming that offer greater connectivity at a faster speed in a much convenient manner. 

Today texting from a computer device is no big deal and most companies do so for keeping their operations effective and manageable. 

Online texting is a perfect medium of communication that includes all the elements needed for the smooth marketing of a business. 

Besides marketing, a two-way online texting for business will allow you and your employees to stay connected and exchange information through an efficient source for ensuring a seamless working experience throughout. 

Using your phone for connecting with customers can be troublesome because it will not offer a systemic process of communication unlike that of a computer. 

Nevertheless, texting online will allow you certain benefits that other forms of communication won’t. It will keep your communication process central with all the information accumulated at a single platform, keeping it much simpler for you to deal. 

You must be wondering why I have my emphasis laid on online texting for business marketing so much. 

Well, it is because of its powerful marketing capability that is not certainly exhibited by any other marketing tools and avenues.

The business market is all about the survival of the fittest and you need to adopt strategies that make your business sustain longer while outgrowing your competitors. 

Your unique marketing strategy will make you stand out in the business realm. Get started without any further delay, if online texting is still not on your marketing agenda. 

Well, if you are using it already I must applaud your intelligence for choosing the right track!

With an exceptionally high opening rate of 98%, 95% of text messages are opened and replied to right away within three minutes of being delivered. Now that is the kind of response you want to get from your customers! 

Web-based online texting:

You can also employ web-based texting from a computer for making the process easier. 

For example, texts can be sent through an email using a computer as well. Most SMS platforms like express text offer this service and allow you to send messages to your customers easily. 

All you have to do is enter their phone number and the correct message gateway i.e.SMS or MMS gateway depending on what you are sending.

You may also use google voice, iMessage, and send texts via android, etc. 

But when it comes to professional marketing of your business, you must make sure to choose the right online texting provider that provides you benefits like no other provider. 

Choose the right online texting provider:

Wisely planned strategies are one of the major prerequisites for initiating a successful business. 

You need to have a well developed and clear plan of action when it comes to the marketing of your business because that is what is going to bring you customers. 

The stronger your marketing agenda, the greater number of people approach your brand with most of them turning into your customers eventually. 

If you choose to send online texts to your customers for advertising your brand you just cannot go wrong with picking up the right online texting provider. 

Remember marketing is a strenuous task that takes a great deal of effort so opt the platform that is committed to providing excellent payment plans and useful features that encompass all your business requirements in one go. 

For example, express text can provide you an expedient online texting experience with your customers. 

They offer a variety of interesting features such as bulk text messages, auto-replies, 2 way text messaging, birthday texts, link tracking, double opt-in etc. 

All these features will allow you to send bulk texting online in order to enjoy an extraordinary connectivity operation with your customers. 

Online texting enables you to reach wider demographics:

Because most of the people own a mobile phone these days, your customer demographic can extend through the application of SMS marketing. 

Rather than employing just one marketing strategy that might only reach a portion of your target audience, marketing through text messages is an effective way to target a wider spectrum of people. 

As long as they have a mobile device that can receive texts, they get to enjoy the messages you’re sending them while allowing them to keep a track of all the latest developments in your brand. 

Moreover, with more exposure to your customers, the more you become a part of their life.

With that kind of marketing comes more purchases of your product or services, giving a boost to your revenues. 

Due to the widespread usage of text message communication, being able to present your business as mobile-friendly is incredibly important these days. 

More and more people are using their mobile devices to shop and browse online. You don’t want to lose out on that kind of opportunity, right?

Hence, adopting online texting for business marketing and remaining in touch with the customers is a beneficial idea as it naturally expands customer’s accessibility to a brand. 

Another advantage it has is its ability to run over the internet without depending on the cellular towers that might not be present everywhere giving rise to low signal availability. 

Communication can be tough in the regions that do not fall within the range of cellular carrier towers. However, the internet is a readily available option today that makes it easier to send out text to the customers online. 

Online texting has resolved it all for you and now you don’t have to worry about the signal problem at all. 

Almost all places with the exception of few have a wi-fi connection including airplanes even, meaning that you can connect to your customers while you are airborne too! 

Resultantly, most people prefer using wi-fi for personal as well as professional use. Almost 4.33 billion people are active internet users which accounts for 57% of the entire world’s population.

For example, American Airlines offers its customers mobile access to flight information (e.g. for tracking flight status, gate, time, and baggage claim) over text messages. 

The passengers can be easily notified about their flight schedules. 

Online Texting for Marketing:

Making your texting campaign influential and attractive at the same time is extremely important for catching your customer’s eye.  

Online texting surely has a lot of benefits and advantages over other methods of communication. 

You must always hold a prominent spot among your competitors making yourself the preferred choice of your customer and business texting online is the best way to achieve that.

You cannot let your brand go unnoticed so you need to come up with ideas that make you known for your unique promotional efforts. 

All the benefits of texting online highlighted in this article will convincingly build your perception in the favour of online texting that you can incorporate in your strategy as well, for communicating with your customers effectively.

Texting ensures higher engagement with customers:

Aside from astonishing open and response rates, there are additional benefits and features associated with using an online business-texting platform to communicate with customers:

  • You can send unlimited texts to unlimited people.
  • You can create text message templates to send standard messages repeatedly. 
  • Answer common queries that have similar keywords with auto-replies easily.  
  • A single message can also be sent to multiple contacts at the same time. 
  • Schedule text messages beforehand to avoid disappointing your customers. 

Ikea, a Swedish furniture retail store reaches out to its customers through text messages similar to hundreds of other companies, resulting in more revenues. 

Higher the marketing, the higher the revenues. You need to inform your customers about every new move you make so just take the route of texting. 

Inform your valued customers about the discounts and deals you are offering. Also send them texts when you launch a new product so they can come and see in person. 

Stronger connection with your customers through two way communication: 

Online texting does provide an opportunity for your customers to reach out to you in case of any ambiguity or query related to the product they are looking for. 

Before purchasing, most customers consider different brands selling a similar product they want to buy. 

And prior to making the final decision, they tend to gauge what brand suits their demands the best and if you can engage them effectively as compared to your competitors they will be urged to choose you and buy your product. 

This kind of communication will help build a stronger sense of comfort and association among you and your customers as they will have faith in the customer service you provide. 

Moreover, a ubiquitous option of texting will make it a convenient experience for the customers leaving them with a feeling that they can contact you whenever there is a need and they shall get a quick response. 

Somehow, half of all sales go to the vendor who responds first. That’s a significant chunk of business!

For the average person, texting is one of the more personal things we do daily. And one of the major benefits of texting is that it manages to establish a personal association between you and your customers. 

The convenience of texting online:

Convenience is something that we all want in our lives, no matter what task we have at hand. The same goes for the businesses and the customers, they want to communicate with each other in a hassle-free manner. 

Texting online grants you an opportunity to maintain coordination with your employees as well as your customers just by a few taps of your fingers. 

Texting is considered an easy way of communication, the reason why it is widely used globally. 

It makes your business more manageable for multiple reasons. 

A suitable option for new businesses:

Marketing through texts is a feasible and affordable option for businesses that have just emerged and cannot afford to invest hefty amounts for marketing. 

They can simply adopt SMS marketing for creating awareness about their brand without any problem as it allows you to offer superior customer service. 

Sitting on the phone with customer service can be tough while explaining a situation through email can be tougher. 

Improve your customer service experience by offering texting as another support channel using free two way texting online.

An online texting service can help you make the best of both ends by allowing for instant communication through a method people are willing to use.


Marketing with text messages can do wonders for your business. I bet you cannot recall when was the last time you went anywhere without your phone.

So that proves the undeniable power of marketing via online text messages. 

Sending texts is certainly the best way to reach people nowadays so it just makes sense to choose a communication method that will pop up instantly on the screens of mobile phones. 

And given the incredible opening rate, texting online send and receive messages will surely bring about greater customer engagement and generate considerable revenues for you. 

People read and respond to SMS almost the moment they receive it, which means that branded text messages have higher opening rates.

In a nutshell, texting online in addition to conventional texting provides benefits that no other marketing channel does.