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Text Message Marketing: an effective form of marketing for businesses

Text message marketing is a technique used by businesses to send out promotional text messages to potential and already existing clients in order to increase revenue as well as customer loyalty. Businesses send out discount offers, coupons, buy one get one free and other such tactics to attract customers towards their brand.

Nowadays, text message marketing is considered the most widely used and effective form of marketing for businesses. BSG SMS has reported more than a 7,700% monthly increase in texts within the last decade. Moreover, on an average, adults under 45 are likely to receive as well as send more than 85 texts per day. With these positively huge numbers that are increasing day by day, text message marketing has become an opportunity for businesses to grab. Since users are on their smartphones so frequently, the open rates for SMS will inevitably increase (90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes). Moreover, businesses can set up SMS support system so that users can receive help within seconds.

The reason behind the popularity of text marketing can be accounted to the fact that it is easy to use and flexible. While SMS app usage is higher in teenagers and young adults, SMS applications are simple and do not require any skills to be used which is why even people aged 50 use it. Moreover, SMS is still more popular than social media applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook as it requires no internet connection. There are no added features in most SMS applications apart from sending and receiving SMS and MMS.

Further reasons why text message marketing is favored is due to its simplicity. There is a 160 character limit which means any promotional messages that users receive are short, to the point and quick to skim through. With such a fast moving life around us, users do not bother to spend time an effort on reading promotional messages, which is why the open rates for emails have dropped (a 20% open rate in emails as compared to the 98% open rate of SMS).

Not only users but businesses can also reap the benefits of text message marketing. It is the mass scale, reaching a large number of users simultaneously, and yet extremely affordable. This is why companies both big and small have opted for this method of marketing. Also, a text message is not only useful for marketing but also for other purposes such as sending updates, reminders, surveys for feedback, polls, emergency text alerts and so on. The process of text messaging has connected the world and brought communities together by acting as a channel to interact with each other. The only downside to text messaging is that some users may perceive your text as spam because of how companies have misused texting in the past. That is why certain rules and regulations have been put in place that businesses must adhere to when sending out text message promotions.


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