Text Message VS Email Marketing | How are they Different

text message marketing vs email marketing

So you want to know about text message marketing vs email marketing? one thing you should know is texting has a much higher open rate. The general consensus is the open rate hovers right around 98%. This means of all the millions of texts sent, 98% of them are opened or at least reviewed before the recipient decides the messages’ fate, either deletion or follow up.

-No Customer Limits (You can reach potential customers on the go and immediately rather than wait for them to get home and check email – only to see them deleted before consideration anyway.

-Brevity is Comprehensive (at 160 character length limits, short, sweet and to the point will get your message out there without all the fluff and unessential verbiage.

-Guaranteed To Reach Target Audience (no fighting junk mail filters or no spam blockers; your messages go directly to your target and bypass all those customers killing advertisement sentinels.

-Safeguards Customer Privacy and Their Choice to Participate Or Not (the instant opt-in – opt-out feature of SMS text messaging utilizes codes that confirm customer inclusion to or exclusion from an offer while allowing them to NOT risk personal information during the sign-up process.

Ding Dong the witch is dead! Some marketing gurus of this world have exclaimed that e-mail marketing to be dead! While I have my doubts as to the finality of that statement one thing is certainly true, email marketing is certainly not the only game in town nor is it the best game to play when huge numbers of potential customers are at stake. Let us consider some numbers, shall we?

-4.2 billion texters worldwide
-That is 5x the number of Facebook users and 4x the number of monthly Google users
-In 2010, 6.1 trillion texts sent worldwide. That is 193,430 texts per second. 338% increase from 2007!
-48 million people worldwide have a cell but no electricity. (They charge their cells with a car battery.)

These revelations, while astonishing, should tell you one honest irrefutable truth….. the power to reach potential customers is unlike any time in the previous history. This power is ever growing and not limited to the monster corporations with unlimited marketing funds. This is a tool available to the beginning entrepreneur and equally effective.

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What’s the difference between text message marketing vs email marketing?

Both are direct marketing methods, but an SMS will almost always arrive on a customer’s cell phone or mobile device, while email marketing may be received on a smartphone, computer, tablet, or other device. Also there are different considerations for wording and formatting the messages.

Is text message marketing vs email marketing a better choice?

While both have their benefits, consumers have gotten tired of the constant flow of spam into their email inbox, and are more receptive to special offers received via SMS. Text messages are also opt-in and are seen as more legitimate.

Should you use text message marketing vs email marketing for your business?

You should use both for your marketing outreach, in targeted ways, but text has some advantages that email doesn’t. Text notifications arrive instantly on customers’ mobile devices, are often opened and responded to right away, and are more difficult to ignore.

How much does text message marketing vs email marketing cost?

While email marketing is very low cost these days, bulk text messaging has gotten cheaper and easier as technology has improved. Texts cost just pennies per message to send, and you can start with a free trial account from a company like Express Text today.