Text message marketing tips

text message marketing tips

Text message marketing has taken over as one of the leading marketing strategies for businesses in the past half-decade. Its popularity has risen due to the enormous benefits that it provides at an unbelievably low cost. Here are some text message marketing tips to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy:

Add value

One of the reasons why millennials prefer promotional texts over calls is that they are less disruptive. However, this means that users will not bother to read if it provides no value to them. Hence, a business must make sure to send text messages such as reminding the customer about an event, sales, offers, discounts, new stock additions and other such messages that will be of interest to their target audience.

Create a sense of urgency

This may be one of the most important of all text message marketing tips that leads to a higher response rate. Including a compelling call to action will make users purchase the given offer as soon as they possibly can because it’s not going to last forever! suppose the offer lasts a week, consumers will likely be laid back about it and leave it to the last minute, by which time they may even have forgotten about the offer. On the other hand, e.g. a fast food chain offers a good deal valid for only 24 hours, customers are likely to line up to avail that offer.

Call-to-action buttons

The whole purpose of text message marketing is to interact on a personal level with consumers and this can be done more effectively by adding call-to-action buttons. The name may seem unfamiliar but we have all seen them, such as ‘Click here’ for details, ‘Buy now’ for a product and ‘Text to vote’. These are some common examples that marketers use to create ease of use for customers. They also come in handy for the business as there is usually a 160 character limit for business text messages and links such as these allow users to access more information.


Another very important text message marketing tip is getting the right timing. Sending a text message at the right time can make all the difference and the best timing is last minute e.g. inviting consumers to dinner for a restaurant opening by sending them a text that very afternoon. This is because text messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent, thus the message is conveyed within seconds and last minute impulses (as mentioned before) are more effective in producing a better response. However, a business must ensure to keep the process professional, as it is best to send out business text messages within working hours or generally during the day i.e. 8 AM-9 PM.

These are just a few of the text message marketing tips that can be used to render a more useful SMS marketing service. Without proper knowledge and know-how of a process, there are increased chances of failure which is why it is best for a business to be well versed on a subject before implementing a new strategy such as SMS marketing.

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